Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Roxy Ane Peak
Lithia Park in Ashland

Mountain Biking on New Years Eve 2011

Rain ain't enough to stop the truth

This week i experienced my first full week of Oregon rain. It rained
pretty hard almost every day. Which was not my favorite but it made
for some good memories. This week my testimony of how the Lord will
always comfort us and give us joy when we are doing what is right, has
really grown. We had a couple really hard days especially Wednesday. In
a matter of three hours on Wednesday we got a text from our
investigator's (Kaiden's) step-mom texted us and told us that he did
not want to be baptised on Saturday. Which was a really shock because
he had, had that as his date for a while and seemed really solid. 

We also had two investigators who had a baptismal date told us they were
not willing to meet with us anymore because they are too busy moving
and stuff (that was not the biggest surprise because we have had a
insanely hard time meeting with them, and their baptismal date was not
until Feb. 28th because they struggle with every aspect of the Word of
Wisdom.) and we also had one different investigator cancel her next
appointment and say she did not want to meet anymore. And then after
all of that we biked for 45 min to visit some people and to tract in
the pouring rain. 

The strange thing was that the whole time I was in
a good mood, I was happy and i really felt comforted, don't get me
wrong it was insanely hard to hear those things from my investigators,
its a whole different kind of sorrow, but even with all that I was
just naturally happy. I know that it was the Lord giving me feelings of
joy, reassuring me that I am doing the right things and that it will
all work out. I was very grateful for that.

Thomas is who I talked about us tracting into last Sunday, and things
have been going really well with him. we have had two lessons and a
chapel tour with him, along with him we have been teaching his
girlfriend and her son who is 8. They are all really progressing and
they have a ways to go, but i am really looking forward to teaching
them more and helping them grow.
Thank you for all the prayers i really appreciate it, it everyone could
pray for Kaden this week that would be great. We are meeting with him
on Tuesday and that will determine a lot.
     Elder Covey
Fearless Via Faith

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

It has been a while since i have been able to send one of these, and as always i dont have a lot of time to write it. The work is picking up now that the holiday season is over. We had some great experiences finding (tracting and street contacting)

The highlights of the week would definitely have to be  the the recent converts. Yesterday at Church Bob Trimble (83 year old man we who was baptized in October) was suppose to give the opening prayer. He did not know when to go up and someone else said the opening prayer. directly after the opening prayer he went and sat next to the 1st councilor, and he told him he could say the closing prayer. He sat on the stage for the whole fast and  testimony meeting and then at he end he said the greatest prayer i have ever heard. It must have been 3-5 min. long. He pretty much bore his testimony to God in his prayer. It was not a prayer you would hear from a long time member, it was so great! it made me so happy. He was telling Heavenly Father how much he loved coming to church, how much he enjoyed the temple, and other things like that. the joy to in seeing someone change so much and to gain a testimony is incredible. It was a moment that i will never forget! I am so blessed to be able to be a part of his conversion.

About a month ago i requested that everyone pray for Joel Lewis. Joel was baptized in November but a few weeks after being baptized he went back to doing drugs. He never told us he had a drug problem before because he was embarrassed and he cleaned up  about two weeks before his baptism. He has had a crazy past, pretty much without parents, so he relied so heavily on friends and he had bad friends so he got into bad stuff. He made a new years resolution to stop doing drugs and to come back to church, and he has been doing great. We went and saw him last night, and just talked for a hour. 

It was great I really felt like a friend or a brother just there strengthening and encouraging him. He is great guy and know he can make it, and it makes me feel good that i can help. Something interesting about the whole situation is that through it all his testimony never wavered, he has been fed a lot of anti stuff and people try to challenge his faith. He told us that he knows the Holy Ghost is in this church and he feel is here more than anywhere else, and because of that he does not doubt that the Church is true. It was so great to hear him say that, he has such great faith, i really love him and hope you all will please pray for him.

I am out of time, but thank you for all your prayers. Elder Jorgensen is doing great, after he decided to stay his plan was to just stay for 6 months because that's all he thought he could handle. He now is planning on a full two years, its amazing to see the chance he is doing great. He is a great example to me of pushing threw hard things and not giving up. I love him. Please keep him in your prayers.
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith