Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It has been a really great week. Everything is going well, and Elder Jorgensen is doing a lot better. It looks like the prayers have paid off. Missionary work is interesting during the Christmas season, because lots of people are travailing and very busy. We have had a few of our investigators tell us to get in touch with them at the new year, because they are busy, which is too bad. Because it is hard to get lesson with those we are actually teaching it means we have more trackting time, Which i really don't mind. Trackting this last week actually was really good, we met some cool people and we taught 3 lesson while trackting. Which is pretty rare because usually the most you get from someone is them telling us we can come back. I am curious to see how this next week goes, I am not really sure how it will be as Christmas gets closer.

For what i learned this week i am going to type up a passage from my study journal. I have been reading in Mosiah and absolutely loving it. this passage is on Mosiah 12 and 13. "Abinadi is the man! He is absolutely fearless. Abindadi prophesies that the people will be taken into bondage because of their wickedness. Then King Noah tries to kill him, but he escapes. Then two years later he comes back and does the same thing and he purposefully falls into their hands and gets captured (Mosiah 17: 9). Then when he is questioned before the King and the wicked priests he chastises them and is extremely bold in telling them of their sins. He is a incredible example of someone who is not at all afraid to do exactly what the Lord commands him, even if it is something outrageously scary. He has to have incredible faith to be that fearless. I want to be more like Abinadi."

I hope everyone have Merry Christmas, I love you all
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

Fearless Via Faith

Hey everyone, thank you so much for all the prayers, I know they have helped. Elder Jorgensen is still here! Things definitely are easy for him, but they are getting better. These past two weeks have definitely been the hardest and most stressful of my mission, but I have learned a ton and had some great times. Elder Jorgensen and I are getting along great. We have very similar personalities and we have become really good friends. I really feel myself around him and we have been able to connect. We joke around a lot, which is way fun. A lot of the time when we drive we will play cheesy EFY pop songs, or Spanish gospel songs and we will sing at the top of our lungs, I love it, it always relieves my stress and just makes me happy. I am not sure if Elder Jorgensen will stay, because every morning it is still really hard for, and he is not really sure how long he can put up with it. but if he does go home that will be okay, because he has done all he can, and i have done all i can, and we just pray for the best.

I am going to start getting back into the habit of every week saying something i learned. This week while studying the Book of Mormon I had some cool incite of taking the name of Christ upon us. I was reading in Mosiah 5. It is right after King Benjamin gives his address and all the people who are there make a covenant with God. After they make the covenant King Benjamin  tells them the take upon themselves the name of Christ. While i was reading this it kinda hit me, that taking upon ourselves the name of Christ is not only a responsibility but it is also a privilege. I know that i sometimes take for granted what a privilege it is to take upon myself the name of Christ, it is an amazing thing that we do because of the covenant we made with God at baptism. In verses 7-12 it says name, referring to the name of Christ and taking it upon ourselves, nine times. In verse 12 it says that we are to "...retain the name written always in your hearts." I love that! we have this privilege and responsibility, and we need to always remember it, we need to have it written on our hearts. In verse 13 it says "For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served?" That really hit me. I know that in order for us to truly take upon ourselves the name of Christ we need to serve Him. Service is a way that we honor our baptismal covenant. 
That is all i have time for today, keep praying for Elder Jorgensen

      Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Very Interesting Week

On Saturday Jeff was baptized, It was so awesome. A recent convert named Austin was the one who baptized him. Jeff and Austin best guys ever. they are both around my age, and threw this process of teaching Jeff we have all gained a strong brotherhood. I love these kids, it makes me sad to think that someday i will have to leave the area and i wont see them. They are both planning on going on missions and i told them once they get back i will make a trip back up here to Medford and we will hang out for a week. Jeffs baptisms was one of the happiest moments of my mission, both Jeff and Austin are going to be such amazing members of the church, they both bore there testimonies yesterday and i now that they are going to do great things.

Now i will go from the start of my week. On Monday i drove down to Eugene with the Assistants to the Presidents and some other missionaries who where called as trainers. We got to the mission home and immediately went into some training. We learned a lot of amazing things from Pres. Young, maybe next week i will have more time to talk about what i learned. We did training until it was time to go to bed, we all slept at the mission home that night. The next morning we woke up and then went and jogged at some trails right next to the Oregon football stadium. It was a beautiful place. Sis. Young was saying that the running trails were designed by Pre Fontane (i do not know how to spell his name.) Through out the whole time was great to be able to spend so much time with President and Sister Young, They are amazing! 

There is no doubt in my mind that President Young is the best mission president for me. once we got back we did some more training and the President and Sister Young went to pick up the new missionaries. Once they came it was kind of weird, it felt like i was just in there shoes. Threw out the whole thing i felt pretty under qualified, most of the other trainers where former District or Zone Leaders and one was a former assistant to the president. I kinda felt bad for my future companion who would be stuck with someone who does not know that much himself, but i was very confident that Pres Young called me to be a trainer for a reason, even though it might not be best for the new missionary. We spent sometime with the new missionaries and then they announced who was with who. They announced mine very last. I got Elder Jorgensen. 

Right when we started talking he told me how this was a reassignment for him, how a year and a half ago he went to the MTC for 9 weeks and he was going to go to Argentina, but he had really bad anxiety and he had to go home. and since he had already done the MTC that he came strait from home. A little later I talked to President Young and he told me that, he knew that i was suppose to be Elder Jorgensen's companion, he said that out off all the new missionaries coming that we were the only companionship that he had decided prior to that day. It was great to know that Pres. Young trusted me with him, and that the Lord trusted me with him, but it also made me very scared. I could just imagine Pres. Young's conversation with Elder Jorgensen's parents, who with no doubt would be very concerned for there son taking this huge step. I knew that he would tell them that the Lord had chosen us to be together, and that put a little stress on me. I trusted that we were meant to be together but i did not want to mess up, I did not want to be the reason he goes home.

Since then it has been very interesting. The good part is, is that Elder Jorgensen and I have really bonded, we have very similar personalities and we have become really great friends. He has really opened up to me and I am very grateful for that trust. We are very comfortable with each other. The bad part is, is that his anxiety is as strong as ever. during the day and at night he does pretty well, he shakes a lot, but he is able to do everything and we can joke around and he seems to be enjoying it. It is the morning that are bad for him, every day at 8 when personal study starts he has a anxiety attack and he has to call his Doctor and talk to him for a while before he calms down. It is really wearing on him to have such a traumatic thing happen every morning and its a lot for him to handle. 

Yesterday Pres. Young came down and they talked for a long time, the decision was made that it was going to be a day by day thing, but most likely he will go home. On one hand I really want him to stay, he is such a great guy and i know he will be a amazing missionary, but on the other hand i really don't know if he can physically handle it, it is hard to see him go threw it and sometimes i cant help him, no matter how much i want to.

I don't have time to write anymore, but i would just like to end by saying, that I know that by putting all our trust in the Lord we can have great peace. I really am peaceful now and the only possible way that could happen is threw the Lord, because everything is going crazy around me. Please pray for Elder Jorgensen, he really needs. And pray that i will be able to help him as much as possible.  

Love, Elder Covey
"Fearless via Faith"

Austin & Jeff

Monday, November 28, 2011

Times of Change

Well i have a lot to say in this letter and not much time to say it. Fist off, thanksgiving was great, we had two full thanksgiving dinners one at 1 and one at 5, I was stuffed. After the second we stayed with the family we had dinner with and play games with them.

Second matter of business. Lacey Allen was baptized this week. I don't think i have talked about her yet. Her husband grew up in the church but never goes because he is not  big on organized religion, but he encouraged her to go. She has been coming to church for the past two months or so, and about 4 weeks ago we were finally able to start teaching her. I wish i had more time to talk about her but i just don't, but the baptism was great.

And the final news is that Elder McKenzie is being transferred and i have been called to be a trainer. President Young called me and told me Friday night, I was very surprise, but very grateful for the opportunity. I am a little nervous and i feel a little inadequate for the call, but i know that the Lord will help me as i give it all I got. I know that if I love and serve this missionary as much as i possible can, and if i set a example of 100% obedience and hard work, then i will have done my job. 

So that is exactly what I am going to do. Today I am leaving to go up to Eugene. Tonight and tomorrow morning i will have training on how to be a trainer, and then we will meet the new missionaries during the day tomorrow. I am very exited, I really want to serve and help out my new companion. Please pray for me that I will be able to do a good job training. Please also pray for my new companion.

-- Fearless Via Faith

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I only have a 3 hour P day, because on thanksgiving we don't proselyte. So i dont have time to write much, but it was a great week. We were able to go and watch 4 of our recent converts do baptisms for the dead and confirmations at the temple. It was incredible! I am so happy for them, It was definitely a experience i will remember for a while. I dont have to write anymore, but i love you all. And I don't have time to explain why but it would be great if you all could pray for Joel Lewis, he really needs some help. I love you all!

Fearless via Faith

Monday, November 14, 2011

There aint no rest for the Righteous

I would like to start our my letter my congratulating my favorite cousin Spencer Williams on his awesome mission call to the Fort Lauderdale mission in Florida Spanish speaking! Spencer that is awesome! you are going to be great, I love you, I'm so happy for you.

On saturday we moved into our new apartment, so things have been very exiting and kind of crazy. right now we kinda dont have anything, no trash cans, no cups, no silverware, no shower curtain, but we do have beds, running water and food which is all we really need. We are making a list of things we need and the ward will donate it so we wont have to go with out for long.

It was another great week. The best experience of the week was probably our first lesson with Jeff. Jeff is the friend of Joel (who was just baptized) and he came to Joels baptism and to church the next day. Jeff had incredible experiences at both the baptism and church. So he already had felt the spirit and knew he wanted to get involved before we had are first lesson. We had the first lesson at Jeff's house, and we had a kid named Austin come with us to the lesson. Austin was baptized right before we came into the singles ward, and he kinda got to know Jeff at church. It was the best lesson we have ever had, and it was all because of Jeff and Austin. The whole entire lesson Austin was sharing all these awesome experiences and how he felt when he was learning about these things. We taught the restoration and Jeff immediately knew it was true because the spirit was so strong. We challenged him to be baptized and he accepted, he is going to be baptized on the 23rd, which is soon but he is such a bright kid and he is so willing to do whatever he needs and so i know he will be ready. It was such a incredible experience, I felt such a brotherhood. It truly was like we were his best friends just telling him the things that me so much to us.

I am kind of short on time this week so that is all i can write, thanks for the prayers, I love you all.

Elder Covey
Fearless Via Faith

Pictures of Jeff's Baptism from December 5, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

An Incredible Week

It has been a awesome week! In singles ward Joel Lewis was baptized, Joel was being taught in a family ward by other missionaries but they decided that the singles ward was best for him, we starting teaching him about 10 days ago and by that time he had already been taught most the lessons and had a baptismal date. Joel is such a incredible kid, he is 19 and has had a super rough past life. He has been going around for the past 3 years staying at different friends house's. He has such a strong testimony, his friend was the one to introduce him to the gospel and he started teaching Joel about the church. The first time Joel was taught he felt the spirit so strong, that he said he was willing to do whatever he could to be a part of it and to feel the spirit more often. I have really enjoyed teaching Joel, we have developed a friendship, i really love that kid.

Each week we either go to the family ward or the singles ward, we cant go to them both because one starts and 9 and one starts at 10. This week we went to the singles ward. The day started out a bit stressful because Joel was going to be confirmed and he was running late, we waited outside of the chapel until 10:20 when he finally showed up. So instead of doing the confirmation at the start of the meeting we did it at the end. It was not the greatest start of the day but once Joel got there the whole thing turned around. We walked in with Joel and his nonmember friend (Jeff) right as testimonies started. It was the best fast and testimony meeting i have ever been to, some singles in the ward bore awesome super powerful testimonies, and Joel got up and bore his testimony, it was awesome! the kid is on fire. and right at the end Joel's friend Jeff stood up and walked to the front, at first i was a little scared, but i got to know him a little at Joel's baptism and I knew he was a great kid so i knew it would be fine. He got up and express gratitude for the members testimonies, then he talked about how great he felt there, and how he loved the family feeling of it all. The spirit was so strong and he was very touched, we are teaching him on Tuesday. I am very exited to start meeting with him, he such a great kid and i already feel a connection to him.
I am very exited for the coming week, we have lots of first lessons planned for people we found this past week. I wish i could write about everyone we are teaching but, i just dont have the time. I love you all, thanks for the support.

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween P-Day

Happy Halloween everyone! On P days we have three hours of proselyting and usually that is from 6-9pm but since its Halloween we did our proselyting from 10am-1pm, and we have to be in our apartments by 7. I don't have much time to write to day which is too bad because i really have a lot to say and to be grateful for.
It was a incredible week!

Stephanie Davis is a young mom who has been investigating the church for 3 years, and for the past two years she has been going to church constantly and she even has a calling in cub scouts, everyone in the ward absolutely loves her and she got baptised on Saturday. I first met her on one of the first days i was here. She is incredible, it has been so great to see her testimony grow. The baptism was very special. She wanted a very small and simple baptism. We actually could not tell anyone in the ward that she was being baptised because we knew everyone would show up. It was really neat to have a baptismal program that was so simple and so sincere, the spirit was very strong.

Stephanie was very nervous, i did not tell you about her last week because she was about to cancel it and stop meeting with us, so i was not sure if it was actually going to happen. Luckily she has a awesome fellowshiper in the ward who talked her through it and helped her realize that it is the right thing. I am so happy for Stephanie the church has already been a big blessing in her life for the past two years, and now that she has the Holy Ghost i know that things will keep getting better for her.

This week we had lessons with some of the recent converts, it was so great to talk to them! Our lesson with Tony was such rewarding experience, he seems like a whole new person from the day we met him. He openly jokes with us and just seems so happy. He told us that he wants to serve a mission someday! and he is trying hard to do missionary work now! I love him! he is such a amazing kid and he already has a powerful testimony.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Bob Trimble and his wife Claudine. We had not seen Bob since his baptism (except for church.) There is night and day difference in Bob since the day we met him! He loves going to church and he loves reading from the Book of Mormon. yesterday a man who is being reactivated was being ordained a priest and Bob was able to be in the circle for his confirmation. Bob said that it really felt special and it was a great experience for him. Bob and Claudine talked about how they looking forward to year from now when they can be sealed in the temple. I love them so much they are the sweetest old couple.

This week i spent a couple days studying hope and faith in preach my gospel, it is incredible and i highly suggest that everyone reads it. (and all of Preach My Gospel, because the whole thing is incredible!) I have truly learned that hope and faith comes down to trusting the Lord. Trusting that he will bless us and trusting he will provide us all he has promised. It is such an incredible thing! Proverbs 3:5 is a scripture i have known for a long time, but since i have come out on my mission it has gained a new meaning. I use to think that it sounded too easy, of course i trust the Lord, but i have learned that we need to show are trust threw are actions, its not easy but it is very rewarding.
It has been a incredible week i am so happy i just can't contain it. seeing these people grow is so rewarding!
I love you all! thanks for the prayers
Elder Covey

Fearless Via Faith
Elder McKenzie, Tony, Elder Covey
Stephanie's Baptism

Monday, October 24, 2011

1 Transfer Down

It has been a pretty crazy week. Last Monday we moved to the zone leaders apartment. We are staying there until the office finds a place for us to live in our area. The zone leaders place is pretty nice, its pretty big and has two bathrooms, so having four of us is not bad. There are even two king size beds, I never thought I would be sleeping on a king on my mission, it is very nice. The zone leaders are awesome Elders. It has been a lot of fun to be with other missionaries.

Last tuesday is when everyone moved for transfers. The transfer spot is right next to our apartment, and everything was running behind and it was too late to take everyone to there apartments so most of the Elders just slept at our apartment. I think there were 18 Elders there that night, it was pretty crazy.

This week was crazy, but it was a incredible week. We had two baptisms of guys i really have gotten close to and come to love. It was awesome to see Taylor being baptized, he is a incredible, faithful, kid and I know the gospel with absolutely change his life in a great way. I got the opportunity to confirm Taylor in sacrament meeting, it was incredible experience, i was kind of nervous before hand, but once i started going it was very natural, I could feel the Lord talking through me, it was a incredible experience. On wednesday Tony asked me if i would baptise him, it was so incredible. Tony is probably the investigator I have grown closest to, he is a super shy guy and he does not really have friends. At first it was really hard to get him to open up, but over time we have become good friends and it has been awesome to see him progress. Baptizing him was a awesome experience, the spirit was so strong. Right after i baptized him he turned over and gave me hug, which was kinda surprising because he is a very reserved. After we got out he was glowing. It was an absolutely incredible experience, I will never forget it.

Something that I have really come to learn, is that if we work our very hardest and do what we know we are suppose to that the Lord will make up the rest. Elder McKenzie and I are very inexperienced, and we are far from perfect teachers, but we always work are very hardest, and we follow the mission rules 100% and because of that we have been blessed with a lot of success. We have had 5 baptisms in 3 weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that we are blessed with this success because we are doing all that we possible can.

Love: Elder Covey
Fealess via Faith

Taylor's Baptism

Monday, October 17, 2011

2 Month Anniversary

Its crazy to think that two months ago i entered the MTC. In a way it seems like it was just yesterday, but it also seems like it was a while back, because i feel like i have changed (for the better of course) and learned so much. I can honestly say that these have been the best two months of my life, and i am happier than i have ever been, it hasn't always been easy but it has been incredible and I am so great full for it.

This week was the baptism of Greg and Bob, it was such a incredible and spiritual experience. It was so cool to see these two people that i have grown to love so much, enter the gateway to the path that leads to eternal life. Greg and Bob had not met each other before the baptism but they happened to have the same primary fellowshiper, Bro Willford. So brother Willford was able to baptise them both. Greg and Bob are both amazing guys I am so exited for them, they will both be awesome members. It is so amazing to know that in a year from now, Bob and his wife Claudean will be able to be sealed for time and eternity. I love them so much and i hope and pray that they stay strong so they can be sealed, but i am not to worried about it because they are solid.
We are planning on two baptism this saturday. One for Tony and one for Taylor. Tony is a 19 year old Filipino guy came to America with his Mom and younger sister two years ago. We started teaching Tony a week or two after I got here. Tony is a incredible kid, he absolutely loves the Book of Mormon. He told us how he will read a chapter and then he will think of the good examples (like Nephi) and the bad examples (like Laman and Lenuel) from the story, then he will try to do the good things. He understand the things we teach him, and he knows this is true and what he needs to do. I have come really close to Tony and I am so happy for him. 

Taylor is 12 years old. He is the Nephew of someone who is investigating outside of our area. He had already gone to church twice with his uncle before we started meeting with him. About three weeks ago we had a lesson with Taylor and his Mom. We taught them the restoration, the spirit was so strong and they excepted what we taught and they committed to baptism. After that we had a really hard time getting in touch with them, because his mom has been working 80 hours a week, so a week ago we started just meeting with Taylor. He is a amazing kid, he reads the book of Mormon often, and when he prayed to know if its true, he told us that he got a strong feeling that "no parts of it are fake and that it is true." When we told him about repentance and changing ourselves he said that, that is what he is trying to do and that's a big reason why he wants to be baptized. Taylor came to the baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday. It is so great to see how exited he is to be baptized and to be a part of the church.

This next week is going to be kind of crazy. Right now Elder McKenzie and i are covering two wards, but since we have been so busy the area is splitting and we will only be covering one ward. Which also means that we need a new place to stay. I am really exited for the change it will give us more time for focus and not be so spread out.
Dad has asked that i each week i share something i have learned, so i will try to make that a regular part of the weekly email. I have really learned the power of kneeling prayer. Lately we have been focus on having on having our investigators kneel and pray with us. Sometimes it's not easy to get them to pray with us. Some of them have never prayed vocally before. for example Tony, before we met Tony he had never prayed. We taught about the importance of prayer and got him to start praying each night and when he read from the scriptures. Saturday night we had a kneeling prayer that Tony gave, it was really spiritual. Every time a investigator prays with us, it really builds there testimony.

Everything is going great! thank you so much for all the prayers, I love you all.
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith
Elder McKenzie, Greg Jones, Bob Trimble, Elder Covey

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Medford Temple

Today we got to go to the Medford temple, so we switched our P day from Monday to today. I should have mentioned it last week so you w
eren't expecting a letter on Monday, but it forgot to put it in my email. The Medford Temple is really small, it was different because I have only been to big temples. It was so great to be able to do a session, I love the temple so much and going is such a blessing.
The past week or so has been very gray and rainy, I guess this is what the weather will be like until late spring. It hasn't rained really hard yet, but it is very gray and the sun does not shine very much, but it is still very beautiful everything is very green and there is a lot of fog. We share a car so we have it for half the week and everyday that it has been really rainy we have had the car so we have been lucky.
On Saturday Leann was baptised. it was a really incredible experience. I do have a picture of Elder McKenzie and I with her but I forgot to bring my memory card so I will send it out next week.
On this Saturday Greg Jones and Bob Trimble are going to be baptized. I talked about Greg in past emails and how he was suppose to be baptised two weeks ago. Greg is so solid and I am so exited for him he will be a incredible member. Bob is 83 years old, his wife was baptised but had not been to church for 60 years. They have had diligent home and visiting teachers for the past few years, and they have finally came around. We started teaching them about a week after I got here. The first time we met with him he told us that he wanted to be sealed to his wife, because they had been happily married for so long. We set a baptismal date with him on at the first lesson for oct. 15, he was very unsure at first and did not know if that was enough time, but every time we met with him his testimony grew, he progressed very quickly he actually could have been baptised last week. Bob is a incredible guy, he reads from the Book of Mormon hours each day and he so willing to keep all the commandments. He use to be a avid coffee drinker, but the day we taught the word of wisdom he immediately accepted and has not had a cup since. The Trimbles are so great e
ver time we go over Sis. Trimble fills up a zip lock bag with licorice, peanuts and chocolate covered raisins. I am so exited for a year from now when hopefully they will be able to go to the temple and be sealed.
Everything is great, I love it hear, I am so blessed and so happy. We get to do a good amount teaching which i am very grateful for. I love all of you. thank you so much for the prayers.
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

October 11, 2011

Elder McKenzie is great, he is a awesome trainer and i have learned so much from him. We get along good and never have any problems. There are a few sets of missionaries in Medford, there are all good guys, we have had two exchanges and i have been able to get to know some other Elders pretty well.

Two of the Tree Philippino boys that we have been teaching are brothers and we have not been albe to meet with them lately because there family is very against it, but the other guys name is Tony. Tony is awesome and he is going to be baptized on the 22nd of this month. I will talk more about him in my email next week.

Thank you for your support, i love you so much

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Church is True!

Greg Jones is the man who was going to be baptised on Saturday, and everything was going really good and he was really solid, but he was living with girlfriend, who is a member who is currently being reactivated, and they have both known and plan on moving out. So last Tuesday we told him that it was time and he needed to start staying somewhere else, he knew its what needed to be done and he was fine with it and temporarily moved in with his friend, but his the woman he was living with had a major breakdown because she was worried that he would not have a place to stay and neither of them would have enough money. We decided to push the baptism back so that they can make a plan and to find places for them to live. The baptism will probably be on the 15th. At first i was kinda sad that it was going to be able to happen on the 1st, but its totally fine because he is so solid, he has such a strong testimony. we thought he was going to be busy on Saturday so we did not actually invite him the the priesthood session, but we had talked about it about a week earlier, and he showed up on his own! some members that he knew where great and immediately invited him to sit with them. We talked to him after and it was amazing, i could feel the spirit so strong as he talked about how much he enjoyed it and how it applied to him and answered questions he had. I am very exited for Greg I know he will be strong member and i really get the sense that he will be a great member missionary.
Everything is still going great here, we have a baptism this Saturday for a woman named Leann, she has learning disability so she has been taught by missionaries for a little while. She is still pretty bright and she reads scriptures better than some of our other investigators but she just acts a bit childish. Teaching her has been great and i am very exited for her baptism.
This are better than ever for me, I am really loving the work. Time is flying by it crazy to think that i have been in Oregon for almost a month.
Conference was great! there were so many amazing talks and that was so exiting to hear about the Provo tabernacle temple! that will be so amazing. I hope everything is going well for all you back home, I love you all.
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

Monday, September 26, 2011

Going Good in Medford

I dont have much time for email this week and it took a little while to send those pictures, so my lettter will be shorter this week.
Everything is going great, it was another busy week. I am so blessed to be in a place were we get to teach to so much, and so many peole are willing to hear the gospel. We have a baptism coming up this saturday for our investigator named Greg. He is a awesome guy, When i first came he had a date for baptism but he was not really sure its what he wanted to do. we were able to teach him and talk to him so he gained more confidence. A big part of it was a member (bro. Willford) who has been a great fellowshiper. Greg is so willing to do whatever he needs to. Teaching him about the law of tithing, and the word of wisdom was awesome because he is just so willing to do what he needs to do. he is being baptised by brother Willford after the priesthood session of general confrence, I am so exited for saturday its going to be such a great day with confrence and with the baptism.
I feel like every day gets better, and it was good to begin with, but i just get happier everyday. I am so greatful to be here and i am loving it, my testimony is growing everyday.
Love, Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Great Week

This week went by super fast. It is crazy to think that I have already been on my mission for a month, in a way it seems like i just got here, but because I have learned and grown so much it seems like i have been here for ever. We still really busy which is so great. This last week we had 16 lessons and this week we definitely plan on getting over 20. We have 6 investigators with baptismal dates, but three of them we will probably be handing off to the singles ward missionaries this week. We dont really have any time to knock doors, but we talk to about 15 people a day threw OYM's (open your mouth) we have gotten a lot of investigators threw OYMs, it seems to work a lot better than knocking doors. We also get a lot of refferals from the members, which is so great, because they are people who are open and really want to figure out. The gospel is truely an amazing message, lots of the people we teach really want to find the truth and they want answers but they really can't find. Teaching them is so awesome. I love seeing people truely find out for themselves, prayer is so powerfull. We are really just trying to get people to read the Book of Mormon and to pray about it, because when people do that, they really get answers.

I am really enjoying my time here, it is such a great feeling to always be in the service of the Lord. I am so blessed that I dont have to worried all the things that I used to. I can just focus on serving.

We are teaching these three Phillipeno guys they are all around 18 years old. They play basketball with the ward mission leader a couple times a week. A couple days after i got here he wanted us to meet them so one night before they went and played basketball we met them and had a little scripture study with them and the ward mission leaders family. The next week we taught them the first lesson (the resortation) they really liked it. One's name is Tony and he really understood it well, he really could grasp the idea of authority and how important it is to have the priesthood. The next lesson we were planning on teaching them the plan of salvation, but we ended up talking about repentance and baptism, we challenged them all the be baptised and they accepted, their great kids and I am way exited for them. Tony has read a lot into the Book of Mormon I think he is done with 1st Nephi, he really loves it and can feel the power of it. We might not teach them anymore because they are suppose to be in the singles ward, so other missionaries will teach them, but iIam very exited for them.
Thanks everyone for all your prayers, I love you all.

Love Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Great First Week

This first week has been awesome! It has been super busy, the area we are in has lots of work to do. We have been so busy that i have not been able to unpack until today. It has been awesome to always have something to do, we have waisted no time. My Companion (Elder Mckenzie) is awesome, he has a really cool accent, and he uses cool phrases that dont really understand. Our apartment is really great. we even have a washer and dryer. Medford is a really cool city, and it really reminds me of Orem, so much so its kind of scary. There are mountains to the East and a valley to the west. The streets are wide and it really just feels like Utah Valley, it is a little greener but not a lot. Wednesday was my first real day, the first lesson i taught was to a laddie named Sheri, Elder Mckenzie and his old companion contacted her while visiting her neighbors, they had talked to her but not taught there yet, so we taught her the first lesson, it went really well. I did not say a lot but I taught the Joseph Smith story and it was just so awesome to bare my testimony to a real investigator, she excepted the first lesson pretty well, and she is reading the Book of Mormon. We are visiting her tomorrow and we plan to challenge her to baptism, I just really hope that she has opened her heart to the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. We challenged her to read and pray about it and she committed to. I know that if she does she will be ready to accept baptism. I am very exited to see how things go with her. We are teaching a bunch of other people also but i dont have a lot of time to tell you about everyone.
I bought a bike from Elder Mckenzie's old companion who went home, he only used it for a week so its pretty much brand new, its nice, but its kinda girly looking, which is too bad but i really dont care that much. We get fed by the members every night and its really nice, we have had a lot of good food. We look after two wards. Elder Mckenzie is from Brisbane (I really dont know how to spell that) Australia.
Everything is going great. Sorry I cant write more. I am as happy as i have ever been, and i am so greatful to be here.
love Elder Covey

Monday, September 5, 2011

Phone Call with Elder Covey & Mission President

Here is Jacobs letter this week. He was able to call from the airport. Dad and I had a great visit with him. He was on fire and so excited to be able to be in Oregon. He told us more details of the fireside with Elder Holland. He was so happy, so excited.
As we said goodbye he told us he had some thing he would like to share with us. He then went on to explain that he has a mission statement for himself. It is "fearless via faith"
We are so proud of him and we know he will be fearless because he has such great faith.

Last night at ten o'clock at night we got a phone call. It was Jacobs mission president (President Young)and his wife. They told us Jacob had arrived in Eugene and that they had enjoyed spending the day with him. Preident Young told me of the interview he had with Elder Covey. He said he asked his to bear his testimony on the Savior and that he bore a powerful testimony. He then asked him if he would be obedient. He said "Elder Covey looked me in the eyes and said "you will not have a problem with me. I will be obedient"
President Young then told me that right then and there the spirit told him that his companion should be Elder McKenzie. He went on to explain that Elder McKenzie is a very obedient missionary. He has only been out 12 weeks. He is from Austalia. He said "Elder McKenzie is a very handsome missionary like your son. I am a little worried about them because of the laurels in the wards "and then he laughed. I assured him he would not need to worry about Jacob. He told me Elder Covey won the lottery. He is serving in Bedford Oregon and arrived there last night. He will be living in a members walk out basement. It is one of the nicest apartments in the mission. He said it was like the Ritz Carlton. He will be riding a bike. Bedford is near the temple. They will be able to go to the temple quarterly. They have 4 people that they are teaching that are close to being committed for baptism. The mission had 21 baptisms last month (or he may have said last week). The mission is on fire!
It was such a tender mercy for us to receive that phone call. To think they would take the time and call us and give us such details of Jacobs area and companion. We feel so blessed and so grateful.
We love you all. Keep praying for him.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leaving MTC Tomorrow

I am leaving the MTC at 8 am tomorrow, and since my P day is usually Tuesday i get to email you guys a day early. Once i get to the airport i will call, i am planning on calling moms cell phone, i don't know how long i will have but i will figure out at the airport. Everything is going great, i am outrageously exited to get out to the field. Last Tuesday for the MTC fireside Elder Holland came! it was incredible, he talked about how people look at missionaries as perfect people, and even though we are not perfect, we dont have the right to let people think otherwise, he was so powerful and it was amazing to hear from him. I cant believe its time to leave, in a way it seems like i just got here a couple days ago, but on the other hand i feel like have gained and changed so much, i have really loved my time here at the MTC I dont know if i have ever been so happy, so consistently. The gospel is so great because, you really get rewarded for all the effort you put out, You really get out of it what you put it in, its incredible. The missionary life is incredible its so easy to always be doing what you are suppose to, and when you do what you are suppose to you are blessed so much. I dont know when my P day will be in the field but i will email you and i am sure i will have lot to tell you. I love all of you.
Love: Elder Covey

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just One More Week

It has been interesting week. So many things about this week have been amazing, but this week has been kind of difficult because my companion went home, he needed to clear stuff up and he will have a chance to come back, and i really hope he does. My new Companions name is Elder Lechtenburg, his old companion also went home, he is from Lehi. Some Elders in the district have a hard time and really get annoyed with him. He is the exact opposite of Elder Larsen. Elder Larsen was very quite, and Elder Lechtenburg is very loud and crazy, but things have gone well with him. i think i will be able to learn and gain a lot from being his companion. There are a lot of Elders from Timpanogos here, i see my friends Tragen Herrick, and Jared Harvey a lot, and tomorrow Chris Melville and two other Guys from Timp are coming in.

Almost everyday we have lesson with my teachers pretending to be investigators, I love teaching so much, i always feel the spirit so much. When we teach the Restoration we quote what Joseph Smith recorded about the first vision, it is so powerful and amazing to do, i love it so much. I have also really enjoyed learning and teaching about prayer. I feel so blessed to have prayer and to know God will listen and answer our prayers, and to teach other people that they can experience the same thing is so great. We leave for Oregon on Sept. 6th and our flight leaves at 11:32 AM. I cant believe in one week i will be in Oregon! I am so Exited. I am so glad to be here at the MTC i learn so much everyday. Scripture study and learning about the gospel is so amazing, because we are blessed whenever we do it, and the more we put in the more we get out of it, which to me is such a comforting thing, because i know this if i do all i can everything will go well.
Thank you so much for all your prayer, i know i am blessed with strength beyond my own
love Elder Covey

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Doing Great!

Everything is going great. I sent you a letter on the second day, but you probably did not get it because you already left to hebgen by the time i left. Everything has been going good. I like my companion and we get along good. His name is Elder Larsen, he is from Gilbert Arizona. my branch precedent is pres. Taylor, My district is amazing. There are no slackers, or rebels, but everyone is really fun. I am really enjoying all the classes and all the studying, i have learned so much, and i have have also gained so much spiritually that it seems like i have been here for much more than a week. Every day we are giving lessons to our teachers while they act like investigators, they have gone well and i have learned so much. I get so exited for these "fake" lessons, that it makes me think of how great it is going to be giving real lessons to real people. I am outrageously exited to share the gospel, these last couple days i have been really studying and pondering about how i can be guided by the spirit while teaching and while studying for lessons, I have learned about and i feel like i have already improved. Tell Tammy thanks for the pictures, i have them all over my desk, I love them. As a part of trying to have the Holy Ghost with me more, i have focused on doing all i can to honor the baptismal covenant by going through (pen pondered... thanks Jonney!) every part of the sacrament prayer, to do all i can with what i covenant to do. As a part of "remembering Him always" I have tried to put pictures of Christ as many places that i can and when i see them i always try to think of him, and the significance of what he is doing in the picture. I already had a couple big pictures that Tammy gave me, but i went and bought a lot more at the bookstore hear. I put some in the front of my scriptures, right over my bed, and i also taped one on the back of my note book, and i taped one on the back of my missionary name tag. It has really helped a lot and would definitely suggest it to anyone who reads this. I feel very comfortable and happy hear, i know the Lord has blessed me in that i am not homesick, or scared. I like the food a lot and so far i haven't gained any weight, but we will see what happens.
please forward this to everyone in the family
Elder Jacob Paul Covey