Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finals and Graduation at OSU

I would like to start my letter with a Fathers day shout out to my Father, Dad you are the best! I want to be just like you, thanks so much for your example. I love you. And I would also like to wish a happy fathers to day to Johnny, Michael and Papa, and to all other fathers who read this.

Its been a very intersting week, now that finals are over there are tons of people moving out of Corvallis. There are moving trucks down every street it seems. I am really looking forward to this next week because hopefully all the people that wont be here for the summer have already moved out. 

Yesturday was graduation and it was kinda crazy, Michelle Obama spoke at graduation because her brother is a coach for the basketball team, the town was pretty crowed it kinda reminded me of Provo on a game day, but not quite as crowded (Levell Edwards stadium hold much more that Beaver stadium.)  

This next week is looking like it will be really good, we have a lot of appointments set with investigators that we have not seen for a couple weeks because of finals and stuff. On Saturday we get transfer calls, and it will be very interesting to see what happens, there are a lot of different possibilities for the zone, including a zone split, but we will see, it definitely seems like Elder Howard and I will be staying together but there is no way of being sure. 

Well thats all i have time for today, sorry this letter is so short, i will try to make is so i have more time to write next week, this week i was looking up some stuff on LDS.org for a investigator so thats why i don't have much time.

The Church is True! and it changes lives. I love you all, please pray for me, and the struggling missionaries in the zone.

Elder Covey--
Fearless via Faith

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