Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Transfers coming right up

It is officially the week before transfers, which is crazy cuz it seems like just yesterday Elder Hackett and I were with President in his office making the transfer calls after 2 weeks of staring at that board. I am not sure what is going to happen with me. Since Elder McKenzie goes home next transfer there is a chance i could be released this transfer and he could get a new companion, but if i do stay then i will only have one transfer left once i am released. I really am fine either way, i would definitely love to be able to go back into the field and have way more time to work in my area, but it would be great to stay to. What ever the Lord decides i am fine with. 
Its been a pretty quite week. We have been working on transfers a bit, I went on exchanges in Roseburg, We had two great days of work in our area, and on Sunday Rashelle came to church for the first time since she has been here, she is doing great! she really is heading into a great direction.

I am short on time as always but i would like to share a little about things I have been learning in personal study. For the past few days, i have been studying in the Book of Mormon the chapters about King Benjamin. He truly was a incredible example of Christ like leadership. I think the two greatest attributes that he has is 1. He is humble yet confident. One of the first things it says about King Benjamin is that he fought side by side with his people with "the strength of his own arm." It also talked about he working among them. In the start of is address he talks about how he has weaknesses and he is not better than to those he is speaking to, but he also testifies about how he knows that he was called of the Lord to lead the people, and he tells them that he is clean and fee of sin. 

Sometimes we think in order to be humble we have to downplay ourselves. We have to say things like "you would do a much better job at this than i would," "I am really not good at this." Humility does not require a lack of confidence if we are truly humble we know the greatness of God and his power to turn us into something incredible.  Attribute number 2 is He has a amazing ability to teach things in a simple way that really sticks with you and makes you think. King Benjamen is the mast of sentences that could get you thinking for hours. When teaching about not being prideful he talks about how we are indebted to for everything and then says "... of what have ye to boast" what a powerful way of teaching the greatness of God and how we are indebted to him. He extorts his people to be righteous by warning them of sin and at the end he  he encourages them to "consider on the blessed and happy state of those that keep the commandments of God." Its so true, there is no denying when you keep the commandments you are happy, what a incredible motivation to keep the commandments. When teaching about charity he says "are we not all beggars." and then he teaches how we are all depended on the same God for everything. 

The last short sermon of his that i will share is after the people are willing to covenant with God and call themselves the children of God. After talking about the importance and privilege of taking on the name of Christ, he says "how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served" I remember reading that at the start of my mission and it just blowing me away. In order to know God we have to serve him. Well I thought would share my insights from my Book of Mormon study. I love the Book of Mormon i know i without a doubt it is from God. At one door some person will tell me how wrong i am and that i am deceived by the devil, but because of my testimony in the Book of Mormon i have no problem going to the next door and promising them that if they read the Book of Mormon they will have a more sure idea of what God wants of them in this life, and that it will change there life. The church is true, I love this gospel. I love you all, I wish you well in all you do. 

Fearless via Faith

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