Monday, August 26, 2013

As transfer week approaches

This possibly could be the last email i send as a full time missionary. The week before transfers are always very busy. As always i am short on time. As for this last week its been really great. These past three days we have had a lot of time to spend in the area, and we were able to see some results from it. We have a great lesson with a new investigator named Rob. And we also had wonderful lessons with some our existing investigators. I would like to in this email do a reflection of my my mission and the things i have learned, but sadly i don't have the time, so i will have to do that after I am home. 

But i would like to share one insight i have had this week. So as i expressed last week i have been learning a lot about selfless service lately. This morning as i was reading from the Book of Mormon i learned another powerful lesson. I am in the king Benjamin chapters of the book of Mosiah. Which is awesome because its probably my favorite part of the Book of Mormon. I have loved chapter two, when he teaches about the greatness of God and how even if we served him all our days we would still be "unprofitable servants" and after he says, "then what have ye to boast." I have taken this as a wonderful teaching of humility and the greatness of God. Today it really hit me that King Benjamin was also teaching about the love God has for us. It reminded me of a quote that i remember my wonderful sister Collette shared with me a long time ago, i don't remember who the quote is from, but it goes something like this " the true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do nothing for him." Meaning anyone will treat someone well if that person can help them out. 

But there are some people who can do nothing for us and the only motivation we have to help them, is if we actually care and we want to do good for the right reason. King Benjamin teaches that this is what God does for us, even if we spend every second serving God we cant repay the debt, but He has served, helped and guided us because He love us. So we need to do the same for those who cant help us, those that could be considered unprofitable. King Benjamin was a wonderful example of this. As the King he labored among the people and served them with his own hands. He was the king, the only motivation he had to do that was that he loved the people and he wanted to serve others as God has served us. God has blessed me with so much, not so i can do something for His personal gain. He has blessed me because He loves me and He loves those i can serve. The least i can do is try to follow His example in this principle, and serve those who can not help me, those that to myself may be unprofitable and that's exactly what i need to do.  
I love you all and thank you for your prays and support

Elder Covey        
--Fearless Via Faith

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