Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just One More Week

It has been interesting week. So many things about this week have been amazing, but this week has been kind of difficult because my companion went home, he needed to clear stuff up and he will have a chance to come back, and i really hope he does. My new Companions name is Elder Lechtenburg, his old companion also went home, he is from Lehi. Some Elders in the district have a hard time and really get annoyed with him. He is the exact opposite of Elder Larsen. Elder Larsen was very quite, and Elder Lechtenburg is very loud and crazy, but things have gone well with him. i think i will be able to learn and gain a lot from being his companion. There are a lot of Elders from Timpanogos here, i see my friends Tragen Herrick, and Jared Harvey a lot, and tomorrow Chris Melville and two other Guys from Timp are coming in.

Almost everyday we have lesson with my teachers pretending to be investigators, I love teaching so much, i always feel the spirit so much. When we teach the Restoration we quote what Joseph Smith recorded about the first vision, it is so powerful and amazing to do, i love it so much. I have also really enjoyed learning and teaching about prayer. I feel so blessed to have prayer and to know God will listen and answer our prayers, and to teach other people that they can experience the same thing is so great. We leave for Oregon on Sept. 6th and our flight leaves at 11:32 AM. I cant believe in one week i will be in Oregon! I am so Exited. I am so glad to be here at the MTC i learn so much everyday. Scripture study and learning about the gospel is so amazing, because we are blessed whenever we do it, and the more we put in the more we get out of it, which to me is such a comforting thing, because i know this if i do all i can everything will go well.
Thank you so much for all your prayer, i know i am blessed with strength beyond my own
love Elder Covey

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