Monday, May 28, 2012

Jurassic June is approaching

It has been a awesome week! I am absolutely loving it hear in Corvallis. I will start by talking about some of the people we are teaching. 

We are teaching this guy named Alex in the YSA ward. he is super awesome. He is the boy friend of a recently reactivated member and he has been going to church with her for a couple months, at first he rejected invitations to meet with missionaries but the week before i came this awesome guy in the ward named Thomas, who home teaches his girlfriend, challenged him to take the lessons and he accepted. They taught him once before i came. My first day in Corvallis we had a lesson with him, and we have been seeing him twice a week.

 And this last week we challenged him to be baptized and he accepted and he said he wants it to happen as soon as possible because he is making some important decisions coming up and he wants to have the Holy Ghost with him to make those decisions, so he is going to be baptized on June 2nd! I really like teaching singles ward people, it kinda like teaching a friend about awesome stuff that has blessed my life, and can bless theirs.  

Things are going good with are Chinese investigators. The only problem is most of them are going back to China for the summer, but there are a couple staying around. Xingyu (Ching-you) is one we are working with a lot, we teach him three times a week. He is awesome. He is wanting to be baptized on June 16th but he is really struggling quitting smoking, and another challenge is that he is going home on June 22nd, so we asked Pres. Young if we should try to baptize him before he leaves when he wont really be able to go to church when he is in China. Pres. said that if he is ready we should not hold him back. So we are doing what he we can to get him ready. We work with him a ton. 

This last week we taught him 3 times and we played basketball with him on Saturday. He is such a cool guy, he is way nice and has a really funny. we are also teaching a Chinese guy named Yang, i talked a little about him in last weeks letter, he is doing great, we are hoping to set a date with him this week. Something crazy about the Chinese people we are teaching is most of them are really tall, Xingyu is probably 6 foot 3 and same with Yang, and another one we are teaching Jenhu. I thought that Chinese people were short but these ones aren't. 

So today is Memorial day, and our family ward had a big breakfast, it was awesome, and then after we went Frisbee golfing with the Spanish missionaries (the one we live with.) We are going to Frisbee golf ever P day, Its way fun, I am not very good but I am getting a lot better.

Well this next week looks like its going to be pretty spectacular. On Thursday its my birthday, on Friday Elder Howard and I are going to Eugene for Zone Leader council and its the start of Jurassic June, and on Saturday its Alex's baptism. Well I have to get going, Thanks for all your prayers. I hope all is going well for everyone, I would love to get a letter from any of you just letting me know whats going on in your lives, it would be a great birthday present, even if it comes late. I love you all and remember the church is true!!

Elder Covey
Fearless Via Faith

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