Monday, May 7, 2012

The rain has finally stopped!

So for the past little while the weather has actually been nice, which is crazy. I am so use to rainy Eugene that when it is sunny it kinda feels like I'm not in Eugene. It is so beautiful and green here, I guess all those rainy days are paying off.

So we had zone conference this week and during lunch president Young came over and talked to us. He gave us a warning that we could both be transferred. We will get transfer calls on Friday and transfers are the next Monday. Its looking pretty definite that Elder McBride is going since he has been here for six months, and with what president said there is a chance that i could be transferred also, so i guess i will figure out on Friday. Part of me wants to get transferred because it would be a change and i really like change, but on the other hand i don't want to get transferred at all because i love it here, and I especially don't want to leave Mark, he is so close and i am afraid of him disliking other missionaries, but I am very confident that President Young will do the Lords will with transfers and that i will be where i need to be.

It has been a good week, but not too much has changed, I would say most our investigators are about the same, we are really trying to focus this week getting things to progress. I have been doing the Money Mormon May thing i talked about last week and it has been great! I am a slow reader so i am not able to read 16 pages during personal study so i have been also reading during lunch and at nights, it has been a amazing blessing. I am reading it in a new triple combo I got (thanks Mom & Dad) so it is all unmarked and since i am going to be going threw it pretty quick i knew i could not do a ton of marking on this first time threw. 

So i decided that i am just going to box stories with a yellow highlighter, and underline anytime it talked about the Atonement with a red pen. It is amazing to see how much the Atonement is talked about in the BOM, it is definitely the most important thing and it is treated as one... well i am absolutely out of time for today because we are running a little behind, I wish i could write more but i have no time. I love every one of you

Elder Covey    
--Fearless Via Faith

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