Monday, July 9, 2012

Not your ordinary week

This week was interesting but great week. Because the 4th of July was on Wednesday thats when we took our P day, so monday was a normal proselyting day, and the 4th was our P day. For the 4th of July 8 of us Elders here in Corvallis played different sports pretty much the whole time. We started by Frisbee golfing, then we went to we went to a church and played volleyball, basketball, football and soccer. We were all pretty beat by the end but it was way fun. 

And then on Friday Elder Howard and i went down Eugene for ZLC (zone leader council.) I think i explained what ZLC is in a different email, but it was really good, it went from 9 am to 5 pm. The focus of the mission for the next month is going to be making it so every missionary can be able to give short powerful statements of truth, teaching about the restoration while tracting and street contacting, I am really exited because it is something i want to get better at. 

We had two lessons with Allen and two lessons with Daniel this week. They are both still progressing. Allen especially, he really wants to have a strong belief in God, when right now its kinda wishy washy. After our first appointment we left him with the commitment to read Alma 32, he read it and loved it! He said before that he really did not understand faith, or how to make his faith grow, but from reading that he realized the faith he already has and how to make it grow, and he learned all that on his own. Its amazing to see how simple the BOM is how it these Chinese students who have never read from the Bible or anything like it can understand and learn from the BOM. 

We got a new Chinese investigator this week named Yoa he is the friends with a different investigator name Xhenhu (Jen-who.) Xhenhu is awesome, he wants to be baptized but his parents, said that he cant because they are afraid it will distract him from his schooling. He is going back to China for a month in August and they plan to talk about it them, he seems pretty confident once he can explain it to them face to face that they will be okay with it. 

So funny story, we had a lesson with Xhenhu and asked if we wear crosses, and we talked about that for a bit, and then he asked if the church has any symbols, so we showed him our CTR rings, and he thought they were the coolest things ever, and he said he wanted one, so we told him he could search it online and he could find a place to buy them. And Lo and behold yesterday at church Xhenhu is wearing a CTR ring, its pretty awesome.
That's all the time i got for today, I love you all. Thanks so much for your prayers. 

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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