Monday, July 16, 2012

Short Letter this Week

I only have 10 min to write today, so sorry but this one is going to be short. 
Its has been a really good week, all of our investigators are slowing progressing, they all are doing a little better than last week. So this week Elder Howard and i taught, what is now called zone training meeting. What it is, is that the thursday after Zone leader council, instead of having a district meeting the whole zone gathers and the Zone leaders teach about all the things that they were taught at ZLC (zone leader council) and what ever else they feel the zone needs. 

This use to be 1.5 hours so that what Elder Howard and I were preparing for, but two days before it happened president told us that from now on it is going to be 3 hours long. So we were really worried about what we were going to teach and how we were going to make the whole 3 hours productive, we knew we wanted to spend about a hour or hour and a half about what most of ZLC was on, which was about teaching short powerful messages while tracting and street contacting people.So we planned out how we were going to teach that and have everyone come up with these short powerful statements and have everyone practice them. So we got that all ready but we knew that would only take up half the time. 

So we did a lot of pondering and praying about what the zone needs, and what we should teach for the other half. The night before the meeting, we got a distinct impression that we needed to teach about the importance of being led by the spirit as a missionary (being a instrument in the hands of the Lord.) and we decide the way we would focus on having the spirit a bigger influence in our work, was through prayer. So we also taught about prayer. I learned so much about prayer, and i realized that i have been completely under utilizing prayer. Ever since then i have put a lot more effort my prayers and it has helped a ton. I wish i had time to talk more about all the things i learned but i don't have time. 

But i would like to bear my testimony on prayer, its amazing and the more we put in the more we get out. Threw prayer we can have so much guidance and we can always have the spirit with us very strong. I know when we focus on our prayers and always making them sincere amazing blessings come from it.
 The Zone training meeting went good. It was relieving to get it done.  
that's all the time i have today! i love you all!

Elder Covey
Fearless Via Faith

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