Monday, August 13, 2012

An Exciting Week Ahead

So I don't know if i have told you guys yet but next week we have a mission conference with Niel L Andersen of the 12! For the past month or so we knew a apostle was coming but they did not tell us until this week. I am super exited, the whole mission is going to Eugene on Saturday for it. We also have Zone conference on Wednesday and that's going to be with Elder Snow from the 70, and that's going to be a all day thing in Eugene, with half the mission. So its pretty exiting times!

This week has been awesome. Elder Brian is great, I have been so blessed to be companions with best missionaries in the mission, and they are all guys that if i knew them back home i would be good friends with. Elder Brian is from Idaho falls, and he only has 3 months left, it will be interesting to see if i will be his last companion.

Things are pretty good in Corvallis, its been pretty hot but nothing unbearable. The best part about Oregon this time of year is that black berries grow wild. They are everywhere! you can just pull of to the side of the rode and there will tons of huge black berry bushes, its incredible. So we have been eating lots of black berries and making a lot of black berry smoothies. Its awesome! 

So probably the most exiting news of this week is that we set a baptismal date with one of our Chinese investigators. His name is Kimo I have talked about his in past emails. He is pretty much the bomb. Teaching him has been awesome. We have taught him a lot differently than the other Chinese. Back in China he went to the only Christian church there, its pretty much a Catholic church but its under a communist government. So we taught him the restoration first and he seemed to understand but we really got the feeling like we needed to focus more on the restoration instead of moving to something else. So the next lesson we watched the restoration video with him, it helped him out a lot and he really felt the spirit from it. We thought after that we would move on and teach something else but before our lesson yesterday we felt like we needed to go over the restoration again and focus on Authority. The lesson was awesome it really all clicked for him and he realized that the need to be baptized by proper authority. So we were able to set a baptismal date with him for September 1st. I know that it was the spirit that told Elder Brian and I what we needed to teach. I know the promptings of the Holy Ghost are real. On my mission I have felt the promptings much more than i ever have in my life, and my biggest goal is to be more and more sensitive to them.

I love you all, thanks for all you do!
Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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