Monday, August 6, 2012


So i think last week i forgot to mention that transfers are today. So i got a new companion, his name is Elder Brian, and he is awesome! I already kinda knew him from some ZLC's. So other great news, Elder Howard got called to be the next assistant to the President! he is super overwhelmed but i know he will do great, he is a amazing missionary. I am going to miss him a ton! So yeah transfers were today, and Elder Howard left at 9 30 and Elder Brian came at 11 30. 

It has been a pretty hectic day, we have had to take a lot of people to the transfer spot, but some how we still got a little time to go Frisbee golfing. It was great, it really is a super fun sport. I have improved a ton since i have gotten hear, and Elder Brian is really good, and he is down to go every P day, so that's good. We actually Just went to a baptism for one of the family wards here in Corvallis. It was a family of 7! They are awesome. Elder Howard and I did their baptismal interviews yesterday. It was great to get to know them.

So Elder Howard and i had a really good week. On Tuesday was ZLC so we went down to Eugene. It was another great meeting. usually we get 6 days from ZLC to when we have to teach Zone training meeting, but this time we got two days. So it ended up that we only had about 2 hours to make a plan to teach a 3 hour training meeting, we were super nervous, but it ended up going well. There are some things that i wish we would have included but i guess it will always be that way. Overall it was good.

Our investigators are still doing good. We taught Allen the Word of Wisdom, which is kinda a scary think to teach a Chinese person because they all smoke drink tea, and their favorite thing to do is to go get drunk with their friends. We taught him it, and he talked about how he struggled with all those things, but that he was willing to give them up and that he believed he could! Allen is so awesome, he definitely is slow moving, but when he gets baptized he is going to be solid! Alex is doing awesome, I don't know if i have talked about his lately but, he is doing better than ever.

Lately my testimony on Gods love for each of us has really grown. I have been doing good, but the last little while i have gotten a little down on myself. My year mark is coming up pretty soon, and i know that i am not yet the missionary I want to be, and not the missionary i wanted to be when i reached my year mark. I have been a little unsatisfied with the efforts i have put it. My prayers have gotten a lot more sincere lately and i have been apologizing to God for not always doing all i can to serve him and apologizing when i choose my personal comfort over his work, and whenever i do i really get the feeling that God is very happy with what i am doing, that he knows i can do better and he wants that for me, but that he loves me and i happy for the service i have given him. I know that i can get better and its important that i keep striving to become a better servant, but i also know that God understands me personally, he knows my weaknesses and he understand, and he also knows my desires. Sometimes its hard for me to believe but i know that with Gods help i can overcome my weaknesses. I have a ridiculously hard time talking to all the people i see, very often there are people that i should talk to about the restored gospel that i pass by, because i am scared to talk to them. I hate it, i want so bad to be able to go and to tell them about the restored gospel, but something holds me back, and sometimes i get really down on my self for that weakness, but i know that God knows my desires, and i know that he will help me overcome that. He wont do it for me, but he will help me. it will still be hard, but he can give me the courage. And in the end it will be good that it was hard for me to do, because nothing at this time seems more insurmountable than for me to get to the point where i can talk to all those i see. It honestly seems impossible, but once i get past it I will know that i can do things that seem impossible, and i can only do it by relying on the Lord. I love you all, thanks for  your prayers, you are in mine.

        Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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