Monday, September 17, 2012

Chopsticks, Rice and Jesus Christ. Kimo was Baptized and I am training a Elder from Hong Kong!

 So first of all, Kimo was baptized! it was awesome, He is such an amazing guy. I have given pieces of it in several different emails but i will go ahead right now and give Kimo's whole story. About 9 weeks ago I was on exchanges and i stayed in my area. In planning the night before we decided that we were going to finish out tracting an apartment complex that we had started just a few days earlier. So the next day we starting knocking and about 4 doors in we knocked on a door and a Chubby Chinese guy (which is pretty rare) opened the door. He was shirtless and him and about 5 other Chinese guys were playing playing video games. Right when we opened the door Kimo immediately jumped out the door and shook our hands. We told him that we were missionaries that teach about Jesus Christ. 

He talked about how he was a Christian and he went to the Christian Church in China (also very rare.) He agreed to meet with us but said he was going out of town for 10 days and so he gave us his number to call him when got back. 10 days later we called him and he answered the phone: "I am Kimo!" He agreed to meet with us the next day. The next day we meet with him at the institute and gave him a chapel tour. We had a member with us named Martin. Martin mentioned that there was a YSA dance that night in Salem, and he told Kimo he was invited. Kimo immediately accepted the invitation, and he rode up with some members and went to the dance. The next day was Sunday and he came to church (He has not missed a Sunday since.) We had a lesson with him that next Tuesday, we taught him the restoration, he did not seem to understand and the whole time he just seemed to be pointing out the differences with our church and the church he went to back in China (which is pretty much Catholic) At one point of the lesson he asked us if we knew of any churches around that were like his church from back home. He was not understanding what we were sharing but he agreed to meet again. 

The next lesson we watched the Restoration DVD in Chinese and then did a overview on the restoration. It helped a ton and finally started to understand, in the last scene of the Movie it has Joseph Smith senior being baptized, and right once it was over Kimo asked about baptism, he talked about how he was baptized as a infant. The next lesson we felt a strong prompting that we needed to teach the restoration again, so we did and it finally all clicked for him he understood and he believed. And all the time before he had been reading from the Book of Mormon and coming to church. We committed him to baptism at that lesson. A few weeks later we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, which is always a concern for the Chinese because tea and alcohol are a big part of their culture. We taught him and he said that even though he did not do any of those things on a regular basis that he could not promise to God he would not use them, because he felt like when he went back to China he would have to. We Challenged him to pray about it, and pray for strength. We were not able to meet with him for about 10 days because he had finals and stuff but he still came to church. We finally got another appointment with him and we were pretty nervous cuz we knew it would be make or brake. We asked him how his prayers had been and how he was feeling toward the Word of Wisdom he simple told us that he promised God he would follow of his rules. About two weeks later he was baptized. His baptismal service was great, the spirit was strong. He was confirmed the next day, and he definitely felt the spirit strong. After the confirmation he gave us all hugs and he we was about in tears.
Kimo is a amazing guy, he is supper funny and loves craking jokes. He is oddly good at sports. He came to sports night twice, one was volley ball and one ultimate Frisbee, he had never played either before but he was pretty good at both. I love Kimo and I am super exited to keep working with him. Kimo is my first baptism of someone who i knocked on their door, I have had a ton with baptismal dates but they all feel through. Lots of older missionaries talk about how tracting is a waste of time and how they had not seen a baptism out of it thier whole mission. I am glad that it has paid off for me. So other news transfers are today and some crazy stuff is happening. I am being released as a Zone Leader but i am staying in this ward to train a Elder from Hong Kong China! His name is Elder Kwock. quite a while ago president requested a Chinese Elder for this area and all the Chinese people we are teaching. About 3 months ago I learned he was coming to the mission, and since then i have been hoping and praying that i would train him here, and now that came true. I am so exited, it is going to be a huge challenge but i know it will be great! I am out of time to write I love you all! pray for Elder Kwock

Elder Covey
--Fearless via Faith

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