Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor day everyone, I hope you everyone has a fantastic day. Its a regular P day here, I just hope it does not make the Frisbee golf course crowded. So this week was finals week, which is pretty rough, we were not able to meet with any of our Chinese investigators. The only investigator that we were actually able to have lessons with was Chris. Chris is  doing awesome our lessons went great and he came to church, it was great the ward fellowshiped him very well. He is looking very solid to be baptized on the 15th. 

We have not been able to meet with Kimo cuz of finals, he has a tentative baptismal date for the 15th as well, but he is not to sure he can committee to live the Word of Wisdom for the rest of his life. We are meeting with him on Thursday. It will be pretty make or break, I have been thinking about him and praying for him a lot. Please pray for him. I want to be better at putting something i learned in these emails. I am learning a ton of stuff while i am out here, and when i sit down to email it  seems overwhelming to write all the stuff i learned, but i am going to try to include one thing each letter. 

Yesterday in church the Sunday school lesson was on Charity. I guess i have been overlooking charity lately, its not something i have been focusing on. I think the reason for that, is that I know that i love all those i teach, and my companions, it has come pretty natural naturally. But in the lesson it talked about having Charity towards everyone. It reminded me of before my mission when i had my call, in all my prayers i would pray for all the people of Oregon.  It made me think that lately i really not been focused on loving absolutely everyone, i know that, that is something that is missing. I need to love those who's doors i am knocking on and every person i talk to. Its great that I have Charity towards my investigators, my recent converts and my companions, but its not enough. If I can have Charity for all the people i talk to, it will be a lot more natural to truly fulfill my purpose. And I also need to love the missionaries in my zone more, there are couple who have been really frustrating, and i have not been showing much charity toward them but i known as i do it will make everything work much better.

Love you all!

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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