Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 First and most importantly Rebecca got baptized! Pauline is too old and not healthy enough to get baptized right now, she is actually in the hospital right now, so she did not get baptized, and that really does not get me down. She has learned understood and accepted these things and she is pretty close to the end. I have no doubt she will accept it in the next life, which could be in a short time. I am so happy that Rebecca got baptized. On Wednesday she called us and said that she was sick and she was afraid that she would have to postpone it, we went over there and gave here a blessing and a little pep talk, and she decided that as long as she was able to physically walk she would be baptized on Friday. The service was great, the only problem was is that Elder Reed and I were Late! ha ha

We had Zone Leader Council that morning in Eugene the drive to Eugene is about 2 hr and 30 min. They said it would be done at 3 but it went over time and the baptism started at 6. So we ended up we got there right as the first talk started. It was kinda Crazy but the service was very nice and Rebecca was very happy. She has such a strong testimony, she has already gotten a bit of flack from her friends for going the church, but she does not care. Being a Member has and will continue to bless her life so much.

Now i will talk about transfers. I am getting transferred 
to the North Bend Ward, and Elder Reed is going to stay in Coos Bay and train. They told us at ZLC on Friday. The funny thing is, is that i kinda saw it coming. President really likes the Zone Leaders to be in the same ward as the Stake President and President Tricinie lives in the North Bend ward. It is kinda sad to leave Coos bay after only being here for 6 weeks, there are a lot of awesome people here, but with Rebecca getting baptized last week that makes it a little easier, and Shaely and Bauden are moving back to St. George, so my favorite investigators are either leaving or have been baptized. My new
companion is Elder Burg, I know him a little bit, he seems like a good kid and i am exited to be his companion. I have had some really exiting ideas lately for ward mission plans and correlation between members and missionaries. I will talk about it more on a different email, i dont have time for it today. What prompted these ideas is that President Tricinie asked Elder Reed and i to ponder and pray about ideas that can help the stake out and help it so the missionaries can have more things to do when we get all the new ones. We are meeting with President Tricinie this Sunday and we are going to talk about it. I am exited.

In mission slang you call your trainer your dad and the person you train your son, and it sticks with you for the rest of your mission. I say this because this week I am a very proud father. Elder Jorgensen just got assigned to be a Zone Leader, and Elder Kwok is training this transfer! They are both very good sons, and i am glad i did not mess them up too much. I really hope i get to be in one of their zones again. Other good news that i keep forgetting to put in my email is that Justin Pattersen was baptized two days after thanksgiving! He is such an amazing guy and he is going to be a great member, and now i need to convince him to go on a mission Ha Ha. I got t0T call him the day of his baptism, It was great!

I Love you all
           Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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