Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Crazy Week

It has been a very good week with a lot going on. I will try to hit all the highlights. 

On Tuesday we rode down with Pres and sister Young to Medford for a district leader specialized training. It went from 10am-2pm. The training went very well. We taught mostly about district meetings and exchanges. On the way we made a outline for the meeting with president but we did not decide who would teach what between us and President, so it was kinda off the cuff. When President wanted to teach something he would just take over and jump in and when he wanted us to teach something he would just turn the time over to us. It makes it very important to know all that we want to get across, cuz you dont know what part your going to be expected to teach. After the training Elder Hackett and I split up and went on exchanges. I went to Central point with a new missionary (Elder Francinbery) and his trainer (Elder TIdwell.) It was a great exchange, it was weird to be back in the Medford area and around the temple. I have been very impressed with the skill level of the new missionaries, on the exchange Elder Francenbery was a great teaching and very good at talking to people on the door step. 

Wednesday morning we drove back to Eugene with Pres and Sister Young. Once we got back we had a huge conference call with all the trainers and new missionaries. And after that we started on transfers with President. Transfers are crazy, it is so complex because you have this board with 200 missionaries pictures on it and you have to decide which ones stay, which ones go, where they go, who gets leadership assignments and so forth. It has been surprising to see how much President trusts and relies on his assistants for transfers. He expects us to know how each companionship is doing, and he will always ask us what we think in the situation,  but of course he would never make a action we suggest without praying about it and getting that confirmation. Wednesday night we were able to spend  a little time in our area. We had a successfully visit with a less active laddie named Jenice Duke. She was exited to meet with us. We are going to be teaching her the lessons, and trying to get her back to church. 

Thursday was ZLC. We had already been preparing ZLC for the past week, so we were pretty prepared. We decided to make it about 90 min longer than usual so because we had a lot we wanted to get across. It went really well, it was a lot like DL training we weren't sure when President was going to call on us to teach the next item. Over all ZLC went good. On Friday's we choose a different district meeting to go to each week, and this week we decided to go to Corvallis for District Meeting because they have a lot of new missionaries in that Zone. It was AWESOME to go back to Corvallis. I love that town! I got to see Elder Kwok again, which was great. He is doing really good he is finishing up training and just got made the District leader. After District Meeting we drooped by the institute for Friday Forum (Lunch) because we knew that Xingyu would be there. It was cool to go back to the institute and see some of the members. It was especially great to see Xingyu. He is doing better than ever. He has quite smoking and is very close to baptism. 

Friday night and Saturday we got to spend a lot of time in our area. It was really good we picked up a few new investigators and were able to teach some less actives. 

Sunday was a good day, except for the fact that the 3 people who committed to come to church bailed. After Church we tracted and tried to get as much proselyting in before the Super Bowl started. Then we had dinner with a member and went back to our apartment and did weekly planning (usually done on Thursdays but we had ZLC) then we made some more visits after. 

Today has been a pretty crazy day. We woke up early and came to the office and did numbers, and then we went to the mission home to have our meeting with President and he told us about all the crazy stuff that had happened in the last 12 hours. I dont know how mission Presidents do it, they have so much responsibility. 

These past two weeks have been really good and very different from the rest of my mission. I have loved being able to be around President and Sister Young a lot. They are so funny together, every once in a while they disagree on things and the way go about it is hard to describe but is really funny. President and Sister Young are the best, I love them. I will say I have never been more tired in my life than these past 2 weeks, but thats a good thing! Even though I am so tired I have been very blessed with being able to get up easily in the mornings, I usually pop right up even if we are waking up at 5:30, the tiredness hits me around 2 and does not really go away until i go bed, but when i am really tired i will usually take a 5 min power nap and i feel much better. I remember at the start of my mission I would go to bed exited to wake up, because i was just so exited for the next day. After a while that lessened, but in the past two weeks it has come back, and I love it! The Church is True! I absolutely love teaching about the restoration, it is so amazing. I love you all

                Elder Covey  

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