Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Crazy Week!

Sorry to be sending this email so late, its been a pretty busy day. We get numbers from all the zone and district leaders Sunday night and we organize them Monday morning and then have a meeting with President. We are having some specialized trainings in Medford and ZLC this next week so we had a lot to prepare for so our meeting went from 9-1 and then we had to go to the office to finish a power point President wanted us to make. Then next thing you know President is here at the office and he wants to have a meeting with us and the office staff about what areas the mission is going to open up, and that led to all sorts of different things, and next thing you know it was time to get to our 7 pm dinner appointment. So it was not much a P-day but we got a lot of good stuff done today, I am very exited for the stuff we have been working on. 

This week has been really busy, and really good. Being a AP is not what i thought it would be like, its just go go go. Everyday President has something he wants us to work on, I knew i would be working with President Young a lot but i did not realize how much. I have been in Presidents office at the mission home at least once per day since i have been here. We also have a proselyting area, and they actually just switched the AP's ward, so we have been able to "white wash" which has been really good. We don't have much time to work in our area, mostly just nights and weekends but we try to make the most out of our time there. The ward we cover is the Santa Clara 6th ward, its about 15 minutes away from our apartment. Its funny cuz about 1 year ago i was serving in the Santa Clara 4th ward, so now i am back in the same stake. The ward has been very welcoming and we are really exited for the work ahead.

So i am going to do a day by day thing for last week.
Monday: I got to Eugene around noon and immediately started to work. Elder Hacket and i went to the office and started updating our programs on the transfers so President and the office can know where each missionary is, I really dont remember too much from that day it was so much business but we ended the night by going to the mission home and eating some of the left overs from the good bye dinner for those going home. We got back late and ended up getting to bed a little late

Tuesday:  We woke up early to take the missionary's who were going home to the airport at 6 30, and i got to drive the 12 passenger transfer van for the first time! After we got back we had a meeting with President about the calendar and scheduled some trainings and conferences. That night we taught at the "train the trainers" meeting. We did not have much time to prepare, and had a hour to teach, but it ended up going really well. One of the things we taught about how important it was for the trainers to be really positive around their new missionaries and how important it is to show them how exiting it is to be a missionary. The training went really well and then all the Elders that were training came and stayed at our place because there were too many sisters training (12) for Elders and Sisters to stay at the mission home. All the Elders went back to our apartment and it was a lot of fun. Elder Howard my former companion who i am replacing was training so he was there, us and few others got to sleep on the floor. Its was nice Elder Howard again, I think its safe to say that so far he was my favorite Comp.

Wednesday: We got to sleep in till 6 30! and then we took all the trainers to church for some exercise. Then we got the two transfer vans ready to go pick up our 19 new missionaries. Around 10 we got to go with President Young and pick up the new missionaries from the air port. It was a lot of fun. It really made me think back to my first day being in the exact same spot but as a new missionary. I remember so well going down the stairs and threw the gait and meeting President Young and the AP's (Elder Sorensen & Elder Knight) The new missionaries were so exited to be here. We took them all back to the mission home and had lunch. After lunch President started interviewing the new missionaries, and while he was interviewing one we were assigned to train the other new missionaries and the trainers. Again we were a under prepared, but we were definitely led by the spirit and it ended up running very smoothly. I made a special effort to start a strong relationship with all 7 of the new Elders, and they made it really easy for me cuz they are all such great guys! And the sisters were also very strong missionaries.

Thursday: Thursday was finally a little slower of pace. We went to the mission home in the morning and had a meeting with President with the stress of transfers over we were able to get a lot planned for. We also were able to spend a good amount of time in our area.
 Well i dont actually have time to keep going threw day by day and even on the days i was able to do i missed so much. But i will say it has been a really good week. It is incredible to see how much the Lord has strengthened me and helped me with everything going on. The very fact that i have been able to function with the little amount of sleep i have been getting, because of us needed to wake up early, has been a miracle in and of itself. I know with out a doubt that the Lord provides a way to do what ever he commands us. I have experienced it this week in a very real way. I love you all. Thanks for your prayers. 

        Elder Covey

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