Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A very memorable week

I am actually getting a chance to email on P-day which is pretty crazy, this is my first P-day in 9 weeks that i have had any time to actually do P-day stuff! It has been a really good 5 Days, and something I forgot to mention in my last email was on Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to take one of our visa waiters to the airport at 4 in the morning. The day before President and Sister Young took two visa waiters to the air port so they thought this time they would give us the opportunity ha ha. Its weird how much we go to the airport at first it was weird but now it is completely normal.

So as i said in my last email last week was Zone Conference week. We had a Zone Conference each day from Tuesday to Friday. The Zone Conferences went really well, our presentation was on being able to introduce the Book of Mormon so who ever you are introducing it to can understand what it is and why it is important for them to read it. Its not a very easy skill, the best ways to do it i have gotten from the introduction page of the Book of Mormon. It so beautifully describes what it is and why people need to read it. I have to memorize it in a way, not word for word but more memorizing the principles it teaches, it has really helped me in my ability to introduce the Book of Mormon to people. Teaching these has really made me think about how grateful I am for the Book of Mormon, I love sharing it with people, I have no doubt in my mind that with every single person i meet if they will read it ponder it and pray about it will change their life.

Thursdays Zone Conference was in Albany and covered all the Northern Zones and Fridays Zone Conference was in Medford and covered all the southern zones. Earlier in the Week we asked President if we could take Saturday and see some of the people we taught together in Medford and teach those who have stopped coming to church. He gave us permission and it was a incredible day!
 We started by going and seeing the Trimbles it was incredible to see them again! They are the best. They have been coming faithfully ever since Bob's baptism. Bob is now a ward missionary and he goes out with the missionaries multiple times a week. They have been sealed in the temple and they are just on fire. I love those two so much! they are the best. I don't have time to talk about each person we saw but i will hit on the ones who i talked about in past emails. We visited and were able to have a lesson with Tony Edralin. Tony is a 19 year old Filipino that i baptized. He has been on and off with church, he goes to school and uses that as an excuse. We had a lesson with him and focused on the importance of reading the scriptures, and we were able to get him to talk about how happy he was after his baptism. He told us he would do what it takes to come back. It was great to see him again, he is a wonderful guy.

We were also able to have a lesson with Greg Jones. Greg was actually baptized on the same day as Bob, but then he started working on Sundays and he moved back in with his girlfriend Tracy (member). The lesson was great, they are planning on getting married in the next few weeks and they even showed us the marriage license. They had not gone to church in a long time but they said they wanted to come back. We committed them to go the next day, and the Elders in their ward texted us and told us they did come yesterday. The last visit we made was the scariest one to do but turned out the best. I have talked about Jeff Confer in past emails, and how not long after his baptism one of his co-workers told him a lot of anti Mormon stuff and he stopped talking to us. The last i had heard from Jeff was about 1 month before i left Medford when he texted us and said he wanted some space and did not want to meet. I have been praying for Jeff ever since then and i have written him a few times but never heard back. We knew while we were down there we had to give it a shot and try to see him. As we went to his door i was really nervous, my heart was pounding. I knew it would just kill me to be rejected my Jeff again I had already had so much sorrow over him leaving and was really afraid he would not want to talk, but we knew the right thing was to give him another chance.

We knocked on the door and he answered we said hi and he smiled. I was so relieved. We were able to talk to him for 20 minutes, he talked about how he was pretty much in the same situation that he was in before we ever met him. He talked about how he was the happiest he had ever been when he was coming to church. I could tell that some of things his co-worker had told him still effected him but he said he would be willing to meet with the missionaries their. His testimony is not quite there because he stopped reading from the Book of Mormon but he committed he would and i am confident it will come back. That experience with Jeff was one of the greatest experiences i have had on my mission. One cool thing is he talked about reading my letters. I assumed that he never did, but it turns out they effected him. And a great thing with all these people is i can now email them.

The missionary departments policy about email just changed and part of it is we can now email converts, i got all their emails and i am very grateful that i will now be able to be in closer contact with them all. Saturday was an amazing experiences i really believe one of the reasons Elder McKenzie and I were put back together was so we could go and help these precious children of God. I love all those people so much and I am glad they are making progress, and i am thankful i can email them and encourage them. I am out of time. I love you all

Elder Covey
 --Fearless Via Faith



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