Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Big news i forgot to mention in last weeks email...

So before i get started there is very big news i forgot to mention last week. Our mission is getting split! Come July first there will be a Salem Oregon Mission, which will take 5 stakes from our mission (None of which i have served in.) Its pretty crazy stuff, i will give more information next week. I definitely dont have as much to report on as last week, and that might be because its only been five days, but its probably a good thing, cuz i only have a few minutes to email. It has been a good past 5 days. We had a great first lesson with Karren (a investigator we tracted into the week before.) Today was Zone Leader Council. It went really well, we taught about goal setting planning, and working to achieve goals. I had some huge eye openers when it came to goals, while i was studying for it, hopefully i will have time to share it in a future email. 

We also set Goals with all the Zone Leaders for the mission in the next 4 months, as a mission we set the goal to have 300 baptisms before the mission split, so that will be our main focus until then. ZLC went well, its so funny teaching meetings with President, we will go over the outline the night before our meeting, and he will decide what we will teach and what he will teach, but then it comes to the meeting and we will approach a topic he was going to teach, and he will say "now i am going to turn some time over to the assistants to teach this next subject." and we have to jump in and teach it. It keeps us on our toes, I love it ha ha. President is really such a inspired man, he truly knows what the mission needs, and i am grateful in his trust in being willing to turn time over to my companion and I. Well I am actually out of time. I love you all!

Elder Covey

--Fearless Via Faith

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