Monday, June 10, 2013

Another week in Bend

The first week in Bend went pretty well. The first thing Elder Richards and i did was go threw the area book, and make a long list of names of people missionaries have worked with for the last 6 months or so (investigators, former investigations, less actives.) On our first few days we had the bishop and ward mission leader tell us that we were "starting from ground zero" and they both used those same words, which was kinda weird. At first i thought they were just being pessimistic, but after going out and contracting all the people they had been working with in the past couple weeks i realized that they were being realistic. We actually had a lot more luck with investigators that stoped being taught months ago. Elder Richards and i decided we want to bike and walk as much as possible, so we can been seen and talk to more people. It has gone well, we contacted 3 less actives that we are going to start teaching, and we got some pretty solid potential investigators from tracting and street contacting. I am really exited for these next couple weeks. I really hope that when i leave this area it will have a lot going.
Bend is a beautiful place. It has been nothing but blue skies since i got here. Bend reminds me a lot of southern utah. Its really hot and desert like. And yes i did got to the Nike outlet last P day, I will admit its not as good as the park city one, but its still a nike outlet. I got some pretty sweet shoes. 
Exiting news! Elder Richards and i are cousins, maybe and if so very distantly, but we are both related to Willard Richards. Elder Richards is awesome,i am sad we will only be companions for a few more weeks. Well i am running out of time. Love you all

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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