Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goodbye Bend

First off i would like to wish a happy birthday to my amazing sister Katie, I love you Katie! 

So the stay in Bend was short as expected. Today President did the last transfer that will involve all the stakes, and he decided to put sisters in the Mountain View ward. It is definitely a unique thing getting white washed into a ward and then three weeks later getting white washed out. I am grateful for the time i had to spend in Bend, i feel like i was able to use all the things i have learned about missionary work in how to work and area and get the ward exited. I honestly think it will be good for the ward to have sisters, our most solid investigator was a women, and we were working with 4 less active single ladies who are all very close to coming back to activity. Elder Richards and i are both in Eugene right now. We are staying in my old apartment with the assistants. We will take the next 4 days and help the office out and get ready for the OSM, i will be transferred to Newburg on Friday, and Elder RIchards will be get his new area next Monday with the Eugene transfer.

 I am very exited to go up to Newburg. Things are going to be crazy once the new mission starts, the whole office staff will be new and have pretty much no experience so we will be helping them a lot, and i am sure President Samulian has some big plans of things he wants to do right away. I am not sure what these next few weeks are going to be like but i am very exited. It is going to be a challenge meshing two mission cultures, but i am very confident that we will be able to get everyone exited get things started right. I am preparing as much as i can. 
I am sorry these emails have been so short but time has been tight. Hopefully next week i will be able to give a good description of the craziness! I love you all. I know this work is  true and i am so grateful to be a part of it. I pray i can be a effective tool in the Lords hands.
Elder Covey
--Fearless Via Faith

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