Monday, September 12, 2011

A Great First Week

This first week has been awesome! It has been super busy, the area we are in has lots of work to do. We have been so busy that i have not been able to unpack until today. It has been awesome to always have something to do, we have waisted no time. My Companion (Elder Mckenzie) is awesome, he has a really cool accent, and he uses cool phrases that dont really understand. Our apartment is really great. we even have a washer and dryer. Medford is a really cool city, and it really reminds me of Orem, so much so its kind of scary. There are mountains to the East and a valley to the west. The streets are wide and it really just feels like Utah Valley, it is a little greener but not a lot. Wednesday was my first real day, the first lesson i taught was to a laddie named Sheri, Elder Mckenzie and his old companion contacted her while visiting her neighbors, they had talked to her but not taught there yet, so we taught her the first lesson, it went really well. I did not say a lot but I taught the Joseph Smith story and it was just so awesome to bare my testimony to a real investigator, she excepted the first lesson pretty well, and she is reading the Book of Mormon. We are visiting her tomorrow and we plan to challenge her to baptism, I just really hope that she has opened her heart to the Book of Mormon and prayed about it. We challenged her to read and pray about it and she committed to. I know that if she does she will be ready to accept baptism. I am very exited to see how things go with her. We are teaching a bunch of other people also but i dont have a lot of time to tell you about everyone.
I bought a bike from Elder Mckenzie's old companion who went home, he only used it for a week so its pretty much brand new, its nice, but its kinda girly looking, which is too bad but i really dont care that much. We get fed by the members every night and its really nice, we have had a lot of good food. We look after two wards. Elder Mckenzie is from Brisbane (I really dont know how to spell that) Australia.
Everything is going great. Sorry I cant write more. I am as happy as i have ever been, and i am so greatful to be here.
love Elder Covey

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