Sunday, September 4, 2011

Leaving MTC Tomorrow

I am leaving the MTC at 8 am tomorrow, and since my P day is usually Tuesday i get to email you guys a day early. Once i get to the airport i will call, i am planning on calling moms cell phone, i don't know how long i will have but i will figure out at the airport. Everything is going great, i am outrageously exited to get out to the field. Last Tuesday for the MTC fireside Elder Holland came! it was incredible, he talked about how people look at missionaries as perfect people, and even though we are not perfect, we dont have the right to let people think otherwise, he was so powerful and it was amazing to hear from him. I cant believe its time to leave, in a way it seems like i just got here a couple days ago, but on the other hand i feel like have gained and changed so much, i have really loved my time here at the MTC I dont know if i have ever been so happy, so consistently. The gospel is so great because, you really get rewarded for all the effort you put out, You really get out of it what you put it in, its incredible. The missionary life is incredible its so easy to always be doing what you are suppose to, and when you do what you are suppose to you are blessed so much. I dont know when my P day will be in the field but i will email you and i am sure i will have lot to tell you. I love all of you.
Love: Elder Covey

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