Monday, November 7, 2011

An Incredible Week

It has been a awesome week! In singles ward Joel Lewis was baptized, Joel was being taught in a family ward by other missionaries but they decided that the singles ward was best for him, we starting teaching him about 10 days ago and by that time he had already been taught most the lessons and had a baptismal date. Joel is such a incredible kid, he is 19 and has had a super rough past life. He has been going around for the past 3 years staying at different friends house's. He has such a strong testimony, his friend was the one to introduce him to the gospel and he started teaching Joel about the church. The first time Joel was taught he felt the spirit so strong, that he said he was willing to do whatever he could to be a part of it and to feel the spirit more often. I have really enjoyed teaching Joel, we have developed a friendship, i really love that kid.

Each week we either go to the family ward or the singles ward, we cant go to them both because one starts and 9 and one starts at 10. This week we went to the singles ward. The day started out a bit stressful because Joel was going to be confirmed and he was running late, we waited outside of the chapel until 10:20 when he finally showed up. So instead of doing the confirmation at the start of the meeting we did it at the end. It was not the greatest start of the day but once Joel got there the whole thing turned around. We walked in with Joel and his nonmember friend (Jeff) right as testimonies started. It was the best fast and testimony meeting i have ever been to, some singles in the ward bore awesome super powerful testimonies, and Joel got up and bore his testimony, it was awesome! the kid is on fire. and right at the end Joel's friend Jeff stood up and walked to the front, at first i was a little scared, but i got to know him a little at Joel's baptism and I knew he was a great kid so i knew it would be fine. He got up and express gratitude for the members testimonies, then he talked about how great he felt there, and how he loved the family feeling of it all. The spirit was so strong and he was very touched, we are teaching him on Tuesday. I am very exited to start meeting with him, he such a great kid and i already feel a connection to him.
I am very exited for the coming week, we have lots of first lessons planned for people we found this past week. I wish i could write about everyone we are teaching but, i just dont have the time. I love you all, thanks for the support.

Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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