Monday, November 28, 2011

Times of Change

Well i have a lot to say in this letter and not much time to say it. Fist off, thanksgiving was great, we had two full thanksgiving dinners one at 1 and one at 5, I was stuffed. After the second we stayed with the family we had dinner with and play games with them.

Second matter of business. Lacey Allen was baptized this week. I don't think i have talked about her yet. Her husband grew up in the church but never goes because he is not  big on organized religion, but he encouraged her to go. She has been coming to church for the past two months or so, and about 4 weeks ago we were finally able to start teaching her. I wish i had more time to talk about her but i just don't, but the baptism was great.

And the final news is that Elder McKenzie is being transferred and i have been called to be a trainer. President Young called me and told me Friday night, I was very surprise, but very grateful for the opportunity. I am a little nervous and i feel a little inadequate for the call, but i know that the Lord will help me as i give it all I got. I know that if I love and serve this missionary as much as i possible can, and if i set a example of 100% obedience and hard work, then i will have done my job. 

So that is exactly what I am going to do. Today I am leaving to go up to Eugene. Tonight and tomorrow morning i will have training on how to be a trainer, and then we will meet the new missionaries during the day tomorrow. I am very exited, I really want to serve and help out my new companion. Please pray for me that I will be able to do a good job training. Please also pray for my new companion.

-- Fearless Via Faith

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