Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween P-Day

Happy Halloween everyone! On P days we have three hours of proselyting and usually that is from 6-9pm but since its Halloween we did our proselyting from 10am-1pm, and we have to be in our apartments by 7. I don't have much time to write to day which is too bad because i really have a lot to say and to be grateful for.
It was a incredible week!

Stephanie Davis is a young mom who has been investigating the church for 3 years, and for the past two years she has been going to church constantly and she even has a calling in cub scouts, everyone in the ward absolutely loves her and she got baptised on Saturday. I first met her on one of the first days i was here. She is incredible, it has been so great to see her testimony grow. The baptism was very special. She wanted a very small and simple baptism. We actually could not tell anyone in the ward that she was being baptised because we knew everyone would show up. It was really neat to have a baptismal program that was so simple and so sincere, the spirit was very strong.

Stephanie was very nervous, i did not tell you about her last week because she was about to cancel it and stop meeting with us, so i was not sure if it was actually going to happen. Luckily she has a awesome fellowshiper in the ward who talked her through it and helped her realize that it is the right thing. I am so happy for Stephanie the church has already been a big blessing in her life for the past two years, and now that she has the Holy Ghost i know that things will keep getting better for her.

This week we had lessons with some of the recent converts, it was so great to talk to them! Our lesson with Tony was such rewarding experience, he seems like a whole new person from the day we met him. He openly jokes with us and just seems so happy. He told us that he wants to serve a mission someday! and he is trying hard to do missionary work now! I love him! he is such a amazing kid and he already has a powerful testimony.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Bob Trimble and his wife Claudine. We had not seen Bob since his baptism (except for church.) There is night and day difference in Bob since the day we met him! He loves going to church and he loves reading from the Book of Mormon. yesterday a man who is being reactivated was being ordained a priest and Bob was able to be in the circle for his confirmation. Bob said that it really felt special and it was a great experience for him. Bob and Claudine talked about how they looking forward to year from now when they can be sealed in the temple. I love them so much they are the sweetest old couple.

This week i spent a couple days studying hope and faith in preach my gospel, it is incredible and i highly suggest that everyone reads it. (and all of Preach My Gospel, because the whole thing is incredible!) I have truly learned that hope and faith comes down to trusting the Lord. Trusting that he will bless us and trusting he will provide us all he has promised. It is such an incredible thing! Proverbs 3:5 is a scripture i have known for a long time, but since i have come out on my mission it has gained a new meaning. I use to think that it sounded too easy, of course i trust the Lord, but i have learned that we need to show are trust threw are actions, its not easy but it is very rewarding.
It has been a incredible week i am so happy i just can't contain it. seeing these people grow is so rewarding!
I love you all! thanks for the prayers
Elder Covey

Fearless Via Faith
Elder McKenzie, Tony, Elder Covey
Stephanie's Baptism

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