Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

It has been a really great week. Everything is going well, and Elder Jorgensen is doing a lot better. It looks like the prayers have paid off. Missionary work is interesting during the Christmas season, because lots of people are travailing and very busy. We have had a few of our investigators tell us to get in touch with them at the new year, because they are busy, which is too bad. Because it is hard to get lesson with those we are actually teaching it means we have more trackting time, Which i really don't mind. Trackting this last week actually was really good, we met some cool people and we taught 3 lesson while trackting. Which is pretty rare because usually the most you get from someone is them telling us we can come back. I am curious to see how this next week goes, I am not really sure how it will be as Christmas gets closer.

For what i learned this week i am going to type up a passage from my study journal. I have been reading in Mosiah and absolutely loving it. this passage is on Mosiah 12 and 13. "Abinadi is the man! He is absolutely fearless. Abindadi prophesies that the people will be taken into bondage because of their wickedness. Then King Noah tries to kill him, but he escapes. Then two years later he comes back and does the same thing and he purposefully falls into their hands and gets captured (Mosiah 17: 9). Then when he is questioned before the King and the wicked priests he chastises them and is extremely bold in telling them of their sins. He is a incredible example of someone who is not at all afraid to do exactly what the Lord commands him, even if it is something outrageously scary. He has to have incredible faith to be that fearless. I want to be more like Abinadi."

I hope everyone have Merry Christmas, I love you all
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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