Monday, April 30, 2012

Money Mormon May

It has been a great week. Not too much has changed since last week. Mark is doing good and slowly progressing. He did not come to church because he was sick. Scott came to church and he is still doing good. I really think that he will be one who comes to church for a long time and then finally something hits him and he really feels the spirit and then he will be baptized. Its a totally different situation for him because his whole thing is that he does not believe in God, and Jesus Christ. 

He has a desire to believe but he is just not sure. He really just needs a spiritual experience and a confirmation I will do all I can to make it happen soon, but it might not be for a while, but thats okay. Because he like coming to church and plans to continue and he reads from the BOM daily I know as he continues to do those things he is going to get an answer. It has been a great week, but not to much has happened. One things cool thats coming up is our zone is doing something we are calling Money Mormon May were we are all trying to read the whole BOM from cover to cover in the month of May. I herd about it a couple weeks a ago and i really wanted to do it, but i was currently in Helamen so I still had a little ways to go. So i decided I would be giving more time to my BOM study and i wanted to finish before May. I am a pretty slow ready so i could not get it all done it personal studies so i had to do a lot during lunch and at night. 

Just this morning i finish The Book of Mormon, It really just made me think of how grateful I am for it. As i read the finally words I just had a great feeling come over me, just assuring me and confirming my testimony of it. I really know that Book is True as i was reading the epistles from Mormon to Moroni in the book of Moroni, it just really hit me that those are actual letters that Mormon wrote to his son Moroni and that it is a true record. Finishing the BOM this morning reminded me of the time when i feel like i knew that the BOM was true, I have always believed in it, but there is one time where the truth of it really hit me. When i submitted my papers and had my interview with the stake President, he challenge me to read the BOM before i left. That was the first time that i had gone threw the BOM and really felt like i was learning in every book and every chapter. I really was hungry for it, I remember being exited to sleep so I could wake up and study from the BOM. 

I finished the BOM just about a week before i left, and i remember kneeling in prayer right after finishing it and thing to my self 'I really deserve a strong answer, I am going to ask God if its true and I am going to get some overwhelming feeling of its truth.' I remember asking and waiting and being disappointed because I did not get a strong feeling but in the midst of the disappointment a thought came to my mind that i know was put there by the spirit. And i thought to my self 'what about the great feelings that I get every time you read? What about the help that this has been for me? What about the ways that this has strengthened my family? What about the eagerness of reading it and the joy I get from reading it? I have already received my answer.' I remember standing up with a sure knowledge that it is true, that it is of God. My mission has only strengthened my testimony of the BOM I know its a true record, and I know that there is no better way for someone to come closer to God than by reading it. I have seen it bless lives and strengthen testimony of the Savior over and over again. I know its true. 

I am out of time to write but i would I would like to issue the challenge to all of you with Money Mormon May, If you will join me and finish the whole BOM in the month of may I will buy and send you a university of Oregon T-shirt. The challenge is on, and this goes to anyone who reads this, but you need to send me a letter telling me you are going for by mid May. 
I love you all, thanks for the prayers.

Elder Covey  
--Fearless Via Faith

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