Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Week in North Bend

It has been another good week here in North Bend, and this week I am going to do a day by day thing.
Monday: A really good P day. Mostly because the Coos Bay missionaries went to the Macy's and found out they were having a insane tie sell and told us to come over. A plethora of Calvin Klien ties were %90 off, so they were only five bucks, which is pretty much a missionaries dream come true! So i got a few for myself and also a few as gifts for some missionaries and President Young. The proselyting time was also good, we were able to catch some people at home and set up appointments.
Tuesday: We had ZLC on Tuesday so we took our early morning drive down to Eugene, a drive i am getting pretty use to. Since there are a lot more people at ZLC we had to do it at a chapel instead of the mission home, which was kind of a let down, but it was still good. At ZLC we discussed a lot about all the new missionaries, and how its all going to happen. Its Exiting times!
Wednesdy: We had a awesome lesson with our investigator Troy and is girlfriend Mowana. Last time we taught him the restoration so this time we felt like it would be good to watch the Restoration DVD and really focus on the Book of Mormon. He had read from the BOM since last time and liked it. He has some obstacles (living with girl fiend, smokes) but he has a lot of potential. He is about 30. Really cool guy. Wednesday night we met with 4 Young Men in our ward to give a missionary fireside type thing, its something we had been preparing for a little while. We talked about how they can share the gospel by doing simple things. The first step usually is to get their friends to a activity something in the church. So we set up a blow dart Nerf war night, on Feb. 1st. After that the goal is to get them to ask bishop if they can speak in sacrament meeting and then invite those friends to that. We have great young men, they want to share the gospel. We have high hopes for them.
Thursday: We taught our Zone Training Meeting (3 Hrs of us teaching what we learned at ZLC) It went really well, we did not have much time to prepare for it because we had just gotten the material 2 days before and we had the young men presentation, but it went better than i thought it would. We are really focusing on getting the wards involved, and invested in missionary work.
Friday: We had a great lesson with our investigator Kathy. She is 60 year old ladie we found tracting on one of our first days here. We brought a older couple in the ward and had the lesson at the church. We watched the restoration DVD with her, and taught her about church. She committed to come the next Sunday. The Older couple we brought were both converts an they bore powerful testimony on how they came to know the truth and how much it helped them.
Saturday: I am running out of time but i do want to share one story from Saturday. Elder Berg and i have been trying to walk more so we can talk to more people on the streets and more people can see us. We were walking in the very small down town area to visit a less active, and this good old Oregonian crazy lady started talking to us. We were not sure if she was all there, but she was nice and wanted to talk, we were right outside this hotel that had been converted into low income housing, so she invited us into the lobby, there were a few people there some were pretty crazy but all really nice. And in the Lobby there was a ping pong table, so obviously when i walked in i wanted to play some ping pong. After being there about 10 minutes this older lady walked in probably in her late 60's or early 70's. When she came in the original crazy lady asked us if either of us wanted to get whooped in ping pong. I ended up playing the old ladie, and she was really good. She actually beat me 21-18, i was going easy on her ( I never have had the hart to beat a old ladie in her favorite game.) It was a fun experience
Sunday: Sunday was a good day. Kathy did come to church and stayed all three hours. She seemed to really enjoy it. We also had 2 Less actives we have been working with come.
Well I am more than out of time. But i would like to bear a quick testimony, I mentioned how i watched the restoration DVD (20 min. video about the Joseph Smith Story) with two of my investigators. Its funny cuz we watch that video a ton. I have seen it at least 30+ times by now, but every time I watch it, the story behind it still amazes me and rings true. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel. The restored gospel truly exits me. It is such a incredible thing, I cant imagine myself without it.
Elder Covey  

Fearless via Faith

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