Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A wonderful mothers day

It has been a really good week. we had some good success in the area and we made a lot of progress on transfers and some other stuff we are working on. The most exiting thing that happened in the area was definitely with Joe. So if you remember Joe was the one Elder McKenzie and i found and was doing so good, but then he "put things on pause." On Saturday i sent him a text telling him that i was going to be transferred soon and i would like to see him once more before i left. He did not respond to the text which was pretty disheartening. The next day we were in his apartment complex and saw that his car was there. We decided to knock on his door and see if he was there. We were a little unsure because he asked for space, but i knew that i needed to talk to him before i left. He opened the door and immediately invited us in. One of the first things he said was"I was going to call you back today." 

He said he did not want to make excuses but that because of some personal stuff he fell away for a little time, but he told us that he "wants to get back into the Mormon." He had marked his old baptismal date on his calendar and he talked about how hard it was to look at his calendar and know that it did not happen. He expressed gratitude for us caring enough to show up. He also asked me if i would be able to travel from Salem (where i am being transferred in one week) to Eugene so i could baptize his once the time came. I am not sure if will be able to come or not, but it really does not matter. I am so happy for him and that he is back on the path. He talked about how he never doubted and that his testimony of the things we taught him is still strong.
So that is my description for how the week went. I would like to finish this email by sharing some insight i had during sacrament meeting yesterday. 

For the mothers day service that had many of the Youth speak and talk about some of the qualities of their mothers. It really got me thinking about all the things i have learned from my mother, the attributes i have inherited from my mother and the the attributes that my mother had that i am still trying to gain. I will start by sharing a few attributes that i feel i have inherited from my mother. 
1. Fun loving. Mom always taught by example how to always be happy and always be having fun.  Her type of fun is never less than wholesome, and always has the intent of making everyone there happy.
2. Never complacent. Mom has never been ungrateful, or ever complained about circumstances but she has always been determined on improving. She has no vices and never looks at a fault with a "that's just the way i am" attitude. This may be thing that has helped me the most. In the world there are so many people who become complacent with everything because it would be to hard to change or to progress. 
3. Never having any intent for harm. My mother has never expressed even the smallest amount of desire to get back at someone who has wronged her. Her charity is so strong that if someone does wrong her she stills loves that person, and wants the best for them.

Now i will list some of the attributes of my mother that I am still trying to gain.
1. Free of Vanity/ A clear vision of what is important. Mom always has her priorities strait. She has hobbies that she loves (tennis, biking.) But she never puts those in front of things that are more important. I strongly remember when Mom sat out of tennis matches that were on Sunday, even though the matches were part of nationals for her USTA league, and her team wanted her to play. Moms choices are always made from a hard look at what is really most important, and what God would have her do.
2. Outgoing. It has much to do with her desire to make others happy and comfortable. All my friends loved my mom and how outgoing she was. She fearless in the fact if she knows it would be a positive thing to talk to someone she will.
There are many more things that i wish i had time to list but these are things that came to my mind about my mother, and the wonderful attributes she had. I did put this in hear partially to brag about my wonderful mother, but also so any of us future parents can be determined to teach some of these wonderful things to our children. Thank you mom for all you have done. And to other mothers know your children have many positive attributes they have learned from you, whether or not they recognize it.     

Elder Covey 
--Fearless Via Faith 

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