Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mission Leadership Council

Last week we had the OEM's very first Mission Leadership Council. It is new throughout all the missions in the church. It replaces Zone Leader Council. The Mission Leadership Council consists of the Zone Leaders, the assistants, mission president, and the Sister Training Leaders ( a new leadership position.)  When i first started going to Zone Leader Councils they would be at the mission home and there would be 18 missionaries there. Now we have to do MLC at the chapel and we have about 40 missionaries. It was interesting having sisters there, but its definitely a good thing. With the increased amount of sisters the Sister Training Leaders are going to be a big help. A big part of MLC we trained on teaching repentance. President Young recently went to a mission presidents conference and most of it they talked about teaching repentance. I am really exited about the focus. If we are really trying to invite the people we work with to come unto Christ. Then we need to teach them about repentance and invite them to do it. At first it sounds kind of scary, inviting someone to repent, but we have had some amazing lessons in this past week doing it. 

We had a great lesson with a less active Lady named Jenice. We knew that it would really benefit her to repent and change some things. We started by teaching a overview of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we started by teaching about the Atonement, and then we taught faith briefly and then really focused on repentance. Repentance is such a beautiful thing, and something we all need. We tried really hard to teach it in a positive and loving way. At first it seemed like she was a little confused that we are actually asking her to do stuff (some less actives are use to missionaries coming by and hanging out or just sharing a light spiritual message.) It kinda seemed like she did not like it at first. But by the end she really opened up, and talked about how much better she felt just from discussing faith and repentance.

Transfers are coming up in two weeks. We have been working on them with President. We are probably further along by this point than any other transfers i have been here. This next week we have District Leaders training and Sisters conference here in Eugene. I am really exited for District Leaders training, there has been some stuff i have been thinking about for quite some time that Elder Migliori and i will be able to train on.
I love you all. Have a great week

Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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