Friday, May 24, 2013

My last OEM transfers

I am emailing from Salem today. I am now in the Creekside and Turner wards. I am in a threesome with Elder Thompson and Elder Raulston, who are the ZL's here. I will be in this ward until the mission splits and then i will get transferred to Newburg which is where the OSM mission home and office will be. President asked me about a month and a half ago if i would extend my mission to September 3rd and serve as a assistant for President Samulien in the OSM. I have very mixed emotions. It will be hard to leave to OEM and president and sister Young. I love them so much and have really grown close to them especially over these last 4 months, but i am very exited to have the opportunity to work with a new mission president in starting a new mission. Its a very unique opportunity and one that I have mostly because of timing. I know there is a reason for everything and a reason why am here now. I am sure i will learn a ton and i will do all i can to help all the missionaries in the OSM and to positively effect the mission. For the next 6 weeks i will be doing a lot of exchanges with missionaries in the 5 zones that are going to the OSM. I am very exited to interact with many missionaries and be able to serve them.
This last week was a lot of working on transfers. We were also ableto have few really good lessons in our area. Joe fed us a huge breakfast on Wednesday and we had a lesson with him. On Saturday President spoke at a YSA regional conference in Corvallis and he wanted Elder Miglori and I to come help him with technical stuff. I was able to see a lot of people from Corvallis. Including Justin Patterson. When i  left Corvallis he has a baptismal date for a few weeks in the future. It was so great to see him and be able to talk with him for a while. He is a amazing guy. I asked him if he had thought about going on a mission, and he said that had made a plan to be able to go. He is going to start saving now and plans to leave in about 1 year. I am so thankful i got the chance to work with him. Speaking of Corvallis, I am emailing Alex about every week, and he is doing great. 
I came to Salem yesterday instead of Monday so i could drive the van all Monday and help organize everything for the new missionaries coming in. I was temporary companions with Elder Howard for two days because he was training. It was so great to be with Elder Howard again, i am lucky cuz i have had so many opportunities to be around him since we have been companions. During the training the trainers meeting it hit me that i was never going to get the  opportunity to train again. It really made sad, but i tried to think of what i can do to help new missionaries and trainers.
I am out of time and got to get going, but i love you all and hope everyone has a great week

Elder Covey

--Fearless Via Faith

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