Tuesday, July 9, 2013

OSM week 2

I am sad to say that i have almost no time to write this email, but i will do my best to include as much as possible. It has been a crazy/ incredible week. We have been meeting a lot with president Samuelian in getting everything running for them and the office and getting things going. On Friday we had mission leadership council. We had 18 Elders and 6 Sisters at the mission home. President as Sister Samuelian have been planning this MLC for the past two months. President Samuelian is big on focusing in Vision and strategy and letting the tactics fall in place from the vision. Friday was a all day meeting and all we talked about was culture and vision. For culture they compared combining two missions to marriage.

That we both come from different cultures and we need to figure out what they were and take the good from both and eliminate the bad from both. we separated the former OEM and OSM missionaries and talked about the cultures (good and bad) of our past mission, and then we looked broke of in companionships and found good examples of great cultures in the scriptures. Elder Buhler and i focused on the Culture of Alma and his followers starting at the waters of Mormon threw when they made it to Zarahemla. They were a incredible people, much like the pioneers they left everything for what they believed, an went threw many hardships and threw it all remained humble and always kept the commandments and eventually (not immediately) they were delivered. We Also talked about Vision. President Samuelian has a incredible vision for the mission. The spirit has shown him what the Lord wants of this mission.

He is determined to make it happen and he has many good strategies to make it happen. Everyone stayed at the mission home Friday night and then on Saturday we went on a little field trip out to pacific city Oregon. There President and Sister Samuelian reviled the new mission logo and motto (included below.) This haystack rock is the 4th largest in the world. the motto is "build upon the rock" meaning the savior. It was really cool experience being there and we talked about it and had a testimony meeting. I am dead out of time, but i will end by saying how grateful i am to have a chance to be apart of the start of this great mission, i am giving absolutely every thing I've got. I am glad i will have the opportunity to extend be a part of it a little longer. I love this work and i know it is God's work.

Elder Covey
--Fearless Via Faith

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