Thursday, July 18, 2013

Transfers are here all ready

It has been a really good week. From last Monday to today President Samuelian has been going district by district and doing interviews. We have not been going with him so we could get down all the many things we have to do here and also so we can work in our area. There were a lot of logistical little things that are still needing to be done, but we were able to knock most of those out, and we also were able to spend quite a bit of time in our area. This is a really great ward with a lot of potential. It seems like every every time we just show up at a Part member family's, or former investigator's door they are very receptive and willing to set up time for a lesson, I turely believe that Lord is giving making it work out so well because he knows how little time we have to visit these people. 

Transfers are next Monday and since President Samuelian has been doing interviews for the past 8 days we have hardly started, but i am sure it will work out fine. Its really interesting because I am the only one that has done it before since this is President Samuelian's and Elder Buhler's first time doing a transfer, the good thing is that logistically its very simple process, the time consuming part is president spiritually know who should be with who, and that is definitely not going to be an issue because President Samuelian is very in-tune with the spirit.  The actual transferring people next Monday is going to way easier because our mission is less than half the size of the Eugene mission, but i will miss driving from Eugene to Medford in the transfer Van with the trailer, I must of done that 15 times and those were some good times.
Well I have got to go. I love you all

Elder Covey

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