Friday, July 26, 2013

Transfers, made easy

Today was transfers, it is crazy how much smaller the OSM is than the OEM. Today we did not have to start transfers till 10am, opposed to 6 am in the OEM. And we got done at about 5, opposed to 10pm.  Things went very smoothly which is always a relief. I drove the van all day. Elder Buhler got in a accident at the start of his mission and has not been able to drive ever since. i am getting pretty good at driving a 12 passenger van with a big trailer, and i even had to back it up about 40 feet today, and usually i am terrible at backing the trailer but i actually did alright. Today was the first real meshing missionaries between the two missions. There are now many companionships with one missionary from each mission, I am very exited to see how it goes. 

So now that i got the transfer day out of the way, i will  talk about the crazy week that lead up to it. In the OEM we would start working on transfers about two weeks before transfers. We started working on this transfer on Thursday. On Monday and Wednesday President Samuelian had his last two zones of interviews to do. We were planning on working on transfers for most of Tuesday but when we met with President we had so many other things to plan and talk about for the first week of the transfer, that we had no time to work on transfers.

 So Thursday and Friday were jam packed with the three of us in Presidents office working on transfers. We actually stayed the night at the mission home on Thursday and Friday cuz we would be working on it till around 11. On Friday  at about 5pm we were all so exhausted from it President thought that it would be a good idea to take a break so he took us to the golf course that is right next to the mission home and we hit a bucket of balls at the driving range. And then we came back and had great stake dinner. The Samuelians are wonderful cookers and we benefit from that quite a bit. Saturday morning we finished up and then made the calls to all the Zone Leaders. We spend the rest of the day figuring out the logistics of how to get each missionary from point A to point B. It was different because we have never done it with this geography, so it took some time but we got it done. 

July 26 2013
So i was not able to finish this on Monday, I ran out of time, and right now is the first free moment i have had since, but there has been many exiting times since. On Tuesday we had trainers trainers training at the mission home. As i was sitting there during the portion while President Samuelian was teaching i was trying to think about/planing what Elder Buhler and i were going to teach once he was done (we did not really have anytime to prepare.) While i was sitting there i it hit me that i will never have  another opportunity to train a new missionary. I have taught at the last five trainers training's and i guess each time i have hoped inside that i would be able to train one last time. Training Elder Jorgensen and Elder Kwok were the most meaningful things i did on my mission. It was kinda sad to realize that it would not be happening again but i would like to think that i have been able to help trainers and new missionaries in these last 6 months. Elder Buhler and i trained on planning and companionship study withe the trainers, President always chooses the best missionaries to train i really love being a part of those meetings. After the meeting we had to drive to the Porland missions, mission home because we needed to borrow there transfer van to pick up the new missionaries the next day. Its been pretty interesting being able to see so much of the Portland mission, and interacting with the Portland mission president so much (President Morby.)

 It was a pretty late night On Wednesday the new missionaries flew in. It was my first time at the Portland airport, it is way bigger than the Eugene airport. We were running a little behind but luckily we got there right before the new missionaries got threw the gate. I love being at the airport with the new missionaries, i always give the Elders big huge and welcome them to the greatest mission on earth! each time it makes me think of my first day and how exited i was to be a missionary. We went strait from the airport to the Portland temple, the missionaries all took a picture with President and Sister Samuelian. We spent some time on the ground and we also went threw the visitors center. It was only my second time at the Portland temple. It is a incredible temple. I think it really made a impact on the new missionaries it was Elder Buhlers idea to take them there and it was definitive worth it. After the temple we took them to the mission home and had lunch, and then right after lunch we went out to pacific city on the coast and took them to "the rock" that we went to for MLC and that is in our logo. We had a powerful meeting out there. After that we went to the chapel in Newburg and had dinner. The trainers spend most the day Wednesday proselyting in their own areas and then came back for the dinner. After dinner we had a small meeting and then the trainers and new missionaries stayed the night in Newberg at members homes. 

We met with President late Wednesday night to finalize plans for the next day. our plan was to announce companionships at about noon and have office training from 9-11. In the middle we had a hour for the three of us to train, but it was already so late that he sent us home before we could really plan what we were going to train on. we planned on meeting the next morning at 6:30 at the mission home. I showered that night and got to bed at around 11:30 I was about to set the alarm for 6:10 so i would have just enough time to get up get ready and go, but then i got the prompting to set the alarm for 5:45 so i would have time to study and ponder for the training the next day. My first thought was "I have slept so little this past week. Extra sleep will help me much more than a little preparation time. I am only going to have a few minutes to train anyways and i have already done this same thing four times." The prompting did not go away so i set the alarm for 5:45. When the alarm went of was not very tired i jumped right out of bed, said my prayers and went to my desk. I pulled out a "history of the church in Salem Oregon" book that i borrowed from the Salem ZL's apartment cuz i thought it might come in handy with the new mission. there was a story marked about  the first missionaries to ever come to Oregon and also the story of Salem's first convert. 

I immediately  knew that i needed to share the stories with the new missionaries. When the time came for me to teach i was not quite sure how i was going to present it but the spirit was helped a lot and i was able to read the stories of the first four missionaries to ever be called to preach the gospel in Oregon. I compared those four to the new missionaries. The new missionaries are first to ever get their mission call to the Salem Oregon mission. It was a really neat experience and i am very glad i followed the promptings of the spirit. After that we announced the companionships, and we hoped in the transfer van again and took them to their areas. I am so grateful for all the opportunities i have had. I love so much interacting with new missionaries, i really wish i could switch places with them. At the start of my mission when i heard missionaries who have been out a long time say "I wish i could could be at the start." 

I always thought  that they were just saying that because its the noble thing to say, but as i near the end i understand why they felt that way. I love being a missionary so much I have learned and grown so much and the thought that it will end its very sad, don't get me wrong i do very much look forward to moving on to the next stages of life and all the adventures and experiences that come, but its hard to imagine it being better than this, but i am sure it will be. I love you all

Elder Covey
--Fearless Via Faith

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