Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doing Great

It has been another great week. It is crazy to think that i have been
here in Medford for 5 months. Transfers are coming up in a couple week
and it looks like i will be going. I will most likely leave Medford on
the 21st. And i wont figure out where i am going or if I am going
untill the 18th.

It's kinda exiting to think about, so we will see. It
will be hard to leave Medford I really like it here, but the hardest
part will be leaving the people I have come really close with. There
are certain people that it will be very hard to say goodbye to.

I am very exited for the future and i know that with the help of Lord
i can do whatever i am assigned to do where ever I go.
I wish i could write more but i am out of time for today. I love you
all, thanks for the prayers

Elder Covey

-- Fearless Via Faith

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