Monday, February 20, 2012

Off to Eugen!

On Saturday morning President called Elder Jorgensen and I and told us the info. on transfers. I will be going to Eugene to cover the Santa Clara 1st and 4th ward, and i will be a district leader. I am leaving today at 2 30.

My companion will be Elder Gowen, who came out 6 weeks after me, and has been searving on the coast. We are being double transfered into the area, which should be interesting, because the area will be brand new to each of us. I am very exited for this assignment the areas have been changed up a bit 4th ward use to have its own Elders and 1st ward Elders also had a different ward.

Elders from each of the areas have called me and told me about the areas, and it sound like a lot is going on in the areas, which will be awesome. I am really exited to be in Eugene! President said my apartment is 15 min away from the mission home. I am now sure if Santa Clara is a actualy different city than Eugene or if it is just an area. Eugene was one of the places I definitely wanted to serve so i am so greatful to be going. I am not reallly sure what it is going to be like being a district leader, but i am exited for the challenge and i will do all i can to serve the Missionaries in my district.

It has been a good week here in Medford, we started teaching two great families who are very open. I am not sure what i have said about Brittney in the past but she is still doing great, she came to church and she is definitely getting baptised, we have to change her date becasue she worked last sunday and coud not come to church. It is crazy to think, but every single one of our investigators we have right now we found tracting. Sometimes it seems like tracting is worthless but I have definitly learned that you do find those who are ready.

I am really glad that this area is picking up and I am leaving it in good shape, and with a good amount of investigators. Saturday and Sunday consisted of a lot of goodbyes, which were kind of hard, but it was awesome to sit down and talk to the people we taught and were baptised. One that particularly made me happy was talking to Joel Lewis. Joel went completely in active like a week after his baptism, becaues he fell back into doing drugs, But in the past month he has totally cleaned up and is active again. When we talked to him he thanked me for teaching him, he said that i changed his life.

I told him that he is the one that changed his life, but i was honored to be a part of it. He asked lots of questions about Missionary life and he said that he wants to searve a mission! that made me really happy, he is a great kid and I love him. I wish i could talk about all the people here but i dont have time. It is kind of hard saying goodbye to Medford I love these people so much. It will also be hard to say goodbye to Elder Jorgensen, he is doing really good, but i am kind of nervous for him with all the change, but i think he will be just fine.

I have a bunch of great pictures I am sending and i will give descriptions to them, I hope you like them

Thanks for the prayers, I love you all
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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