Monday, February 27, 2012

"In the Oregon Eugene, where the air is Pure and Clean"

It has been a crazy week, but a really good one! I really hope that i will be able to include everything that happened in this email. So i will just go threw day by day
Monday: went in the transfer van on my way to Eugene. Once we got there I met my companion (Elder Gowen) We got here a little after 7 and the last Elders here scheduled a appointment for 7 pm. So we went directly there, the lesson went well, it was with Keith and Teresa, they are great, i will talk more about them in next weeks letter. We went back to the apartment that night and got mostly unpacked.
Tuesday: Elder Gowen and i were able to get to know each other pretty well, He is really cool kid and we really got along. He is from South Jordan, has 10 siblings and he went to marine boot camp before he came out. We did a lot of tracting tuesday and went pretty well.
Wednesday: It was a pretty normal day, we were able to meet the ward leaders, it was a pretty common mission day.
Thursday: usually we have district meeting on Thursdays, but last week President had us do a sacrifice and give up our district meeting and tract for those two hours. After each district meeting there is a correlation meeting for the zone leaders and district leaders, so we were still able to that even though we didn't have district meeting. It was pretty cool we discussed the Elders in the zone and i learned a lot more about the things i do as a district leader and how to be a good one.
Friday: Friday was a pretty common day, we had some awesome tracting, we set up a few lessons, and more than half the people took a pamphlet or Book of Mormon and told us to come back.
Saturday: Saturday was a crazy day! we started out by going tracting right in the morning, and once we were out for a little over a hour we realized that we forgot the phone, so we decided to take our lunch early so we could go back to get it. When we went back we had like 20 missed alerts, including 2 texts, 2 calls and a message from President. We immediately called him back, and he told us that he needed Elder Gowen to go back to his old area and switch with the Elder that replaced him (Elder Charelson) they told us to be at the mission home at @ 2 on sunday and we would be switching then.
Sunday: Sunday was stake conference, I met the stake pres. sat. night at the adult session and he said that he served with Steve Covey Jr. So we had a great stake conference Pres. and Sister Young were there and they both spoke, and before the stake pres. spoke he said that there was some extra time, and he invited his wife to come up and bare testimony, he said that depending on how long she took one more person might be called up, he said everyone was fair game. My first thought was 'everyone but the missionaries, he is definitely going to call on someone who is actually in the stake. His wife went up and took a very long time, so i was sure he was not going to call on another, but next thing he know he says "Well it looks like we have just a little extra time, enough for one more testimony. Is Elder Covey here? You please stand up. would you come up here and bare your testimony for us?" I was completely shocked, i did not see it coming at all. So i went up and bore a short testimony on The Book of Mormon on the restored gospel and on Christ. I dont remember exactly what i said but i remember feeling comfortable, and i was satisfied the testimony i gave. It was pretty crazy but i was grateful for the opportunity to testify of those great thing, one thing i have tried to focus on, while i have been here on my mission is to testify when ever i have the chance, so that helped me fulfill that.
After stake conference we went to the mission home and i meet with Pres. He explained the situation on why Elder Charelson needed to be here. It was great to talk to President he is a amazing man I love him, and am very grateful for him.
I love Eugene it is such a cool place! There are 6 Elders in my district all but me and one other are pretty old, we have the zone leaders in our district, and Elder Charelson and one other Elder have been district leaders, so it will interesting trying to lead these people who know a lot more than me, but i am very exited and i have been thinking about things i can do to lift the district. I am in the Santa Clara 1st and 4th wards, the members here are spectacular! We have full car which is really nice, and instead of a Toyota Corrola like we had in Medford we have a Ford Fussion which is pretty nice. Elder Gowen was great and think we would have done great together, but Elder Charelson also seems superb we get along really well, and he is a experienced missionary so i know i have a lot to learn from him.
Thanks everyone for all prayers and the letters to, I love to know what is going on in your lives. I got your letter Papa and Grandma, I loved it thanks so much, Once i have time i need to write you and tell you about the bishop and his wife in my ward, His name is Greg Hansen and served in a bishopric, when Papa was stake Pres. they said they went to your house once.
I love you all!
Elder Covey 

Fearless via Faith

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