Monday, March 19, 2012

3 companions in 4 weeks

So first big news, I am getting a new companion!... again. Hi name is Elder McBride.  Elder McBride was in the 4th ward for two transfers before I was here, but then he got tonsillitis and had to go home for surgery, it was looking like he was not going to come back out, but  he has decided to give it another whack. 

The original plan was that when he came back out we would go into a 3-sum, but president feels like that would not be the best situation for Elder Mcbride, so poor Elder Charleson is  getting transferred to Medford today to be in a 3-sum, but he is going to be with some great missionaries that he already knows so i don't think it will be too bad for him. I really have enjoyed my time with Elder Charleson, we got along great, its too bad we were only together for 3 weeks. 

Who knows maybe we will be companions again. Elder McBride is flying in today and will be hear at 1. I don't really know how long I will be with Elder McBride there is a good possibility that he will be transferred at the end of this transfer, because Pres. want to get him somewhere where the weather is not so bad, because they are trying to do all they can so he stays out. It is really hard for missionaries to come back out and right now he has he is planning on being here for 3 months and then making a decision whether he wants to stay or not. 

So President is going to put him where ever he will be happiest and apparently the bad weather here was kinda hard for him. I am really exited to be his companion, Elder McBride is the companion who President planned on me being here with when he transferred me here. Its kind of a fragile situation, but I hope i will be able to help him out, I'm just gonna love him and do all i can to be his best friend. From what I hear about  him I think we will really get along, everyone in the ward has spoken very highly of him, I think we are going to do great together. 

Please Keep him in your prayers. I can only imagine how hard this will be for him, and every prayer will be appreciated. So there is the big news but it was a very good week and I don't want to skip over it. This week I have had more success knocking doors than any other week of my mission. We got 9 new investigators from tracting. In order for someone to be classified as a new investigator you have to teach them multiple principles and have return appointment. from new investigators its lucky if you get half actually investigating. 

Most just bail on the first appointment and become uninterested but hopefully out of the 9 we will get some solid investigators. The best part of this week was the two lessons we had with Dale Writesman. Dale is married to a member and has been coming to church for 7 months, he always reads the next weeks lesson for the gospel essentials class and for priesthood, he is going to a Tuesday night Book of Mormon class, he is watching the BYU channel all the time and he is reading from the Book of Mormon everyday. He is a great guy, but he is having a really hard time recognizing his answer and he really struggles to feel the spirit, but we had two great lessons with him this week. I can tell he is close. I really love him and his wife. 

I was laying in bed thinking about it one night and i was thinking about how much the gospel would bless this couple. How great a blessing it would be for them to be able to be sealed for eternity. At that moment I decided I would never be able to forgive myself if I do not do everything I can possible do to help him recognize his answer, and help him enter into the waters of baptism. I realized that i cant afford to waste study time, or even just study for myself I need to study for my investigators, think about there needs and how I can help them. During one of the lessons I had a thought to my self "nothing in the world matters to me as much as this mans salvation" it was great feeling. 

If you told be that Jimmer scored 82 points in a game and broke Kobe's record, it would not make me nearly as happy as if Dale were to call me and tell me he wants to get baptized. The joy of this work is like nothing else, I am so grateful to be here and I am the happiest I have every been. Please pray for Dale and Elder McBride. Thank you for all you guys do and I hope the best for you. I love you all
Elder Covey

--Fearless Via Faith

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