Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Stuff

It has been a really good week. I have gotten to know Elder Charleson more which has been really good. He is a really good guy. We get along great, am really looking forward to working with him more. I have loved being in Eugene! the people here are cool and a lot nicer than the people in Medford. There has been a lot of rain but it has not poured yet. It was a interesting week, kinda a lot of starting all over having a new companion, but it has been good.

One interesting thing that happened this week is we had two guys who work at the MTC come out to our mission. They go to all the mission Presidents in their first year. They came to help him during one of the days and the other day they did a little training thing for some of the leadership in the mission. Both of the nights they were here they split up and went around with missionaries. Pres. chose us as one of the companionship's for them to go around with. It was pretty scary because the guy that came with us had just been out the assistants to the president the night before, and the other guy went out with a set of Zone Leaders both nights, so we did not want to disappoint. He went out with us from 6-9, we had two lessons with investigators planed and one lesson with a member family planed. Our 6 pm lesson fell threw and we had to scramble to find a replacement but we called some recent converts and they were open.

All the lessons went pretty well, it was kind of rough because Elder Charleson and i have not been together long, and so are teaching is a little off, but it was not bad. The next day we got to go to the training thing they did. The guy who came out with us was one of the main writers of Preach My Gospel. He talked about how much time they put into creating the missionary purpose, it is very simple but he talked about how ever word is so important. The purpose it "to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel threw faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptist, receiving the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end." He talked about how one of the words we as missionaries usually overlook the one of the most important words and that is the word "help" He talked about how we need to really care for and love each person we teach with great passion. It was good to hear him say that because i was so overwhelmed with all the things that i was not good enough at, but when he said that it made me feel like I am doing what i am suppose to, and the reason why i say that is because i have been thinking and grieving a lot over two people from Meford and that is Jeff and Kaiden.

I have not told you this but Jeff fell away from the church, he is the one we baptised in early december, and a few weeks after that he had some people at work kind of attack him with anti stuff and he stopped coming and started to completely ignore us. I called and texted a ton and never got a response, I even went to his parents house to visit him and his mom said he was not there. I felt like me and Jeff were great friends, it totally considered him one of my buddies and i thought that we really be friends for life. It was really hard to see him fall away, and it is still hard to think about, its a sorrow like i have never felt, and i am not sure that had to do with anything but it when i am down about it and i think about it, it brings me joy that what matters to me most is other peoples salvation, and i have hope that someday he will come back. Sorry for random tangent but that is what came out. Anyways i learned a lot from the MTC guys, it was great!

I also taught my first district meeting this week, it was pretty scary Its two hours long and i was in charge of it, but went really well, i taught about the importance of the BOM in conversion, I actually shared Jeffs story and kind of a bad example, because he did not read a lot from the BOM, and almost started to cry, which was kinda weird. But the lesson went well.

Well that's all i got for this week, sorry this letter was so unorganized and crazy i will do better next week. I love you all, if you love me you will send me mail ha ha I am just kidding, but i would love to hear from any of you, and whats going on in your life. Thanks for the prayers!
Elder Covey
--Fearless Via Faith

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