Monday, March 26, 2012

Greetings from Medford!?

Yes it is true, I am emailing from Medford today. It has been a really tough week for Elder Mcbride. When he came in last Monday he told President how he has been struggling anxiety and depression, and that the only reason he came back out was because when he left Oregon for his surgery President Young had him promise that he would come back out. I cant imagine how hard it was for him to come back out here. He was very scared and was not sure if he could even make it a couple days. We came down to Medford this Morning because there is a member here who specializes in anxiety stuff so we made the 3 hour trip down.

So I am emailing from the a stake center in Medford, its not my old stake center which is too bad, its about 15 min away from my area, but some other missionaries came down to email here and we will play basketball while Elder Mcbride is in his meeting thing. Elder Jorgensen is here! its awesome to see him again, he is doing really good and i am very glad i get to spend a good amount of the day with him. Seeing how great Elder Jorgensen is doing really gives me hope for Elder McBride. On Saturday Elder McBride was really bad, and the plan was for him to go home today, but yesterday he was feeling a little better and he is going to try to make it for 3 months out here.

I really love Elder McBride, he is a great kid, we have a ton of similarities and we get along great. I really feel like he is my best friend. He is from Kanab Utah, and he even knows where the K motel is! He is football player and BYU offered him a scholarship to play there for once he gets back, he is wide receiver, he is not very tall but apparently he is supper fast, he ran a 4.38 40 yard dash, which is insanely fast. He is really great guy and i really love him, its hard to see how difficult it is for him, it really frustrates him how uncontrollable and illogical it is. I have done all i can to help him out and to make it as enjoyable as possible but there is definitely something very uncontrollable there. We have days were everything goes great and i think he is doing well, but after he will express how hard for him it was and how he kinda freaking out. I hope you all will pray for him he really needs it, I think if he can make it the 3 months that he will be better and he will be able to make it the two years. transfers are in one week and he is almost definitely getting transferred somewhere where it does not rain 7 days a week, and where the sun shines more than once a week.

Please pray for my ability to make this next week as enjoyable as I can for him, and pray that President Young will receive revelation on where will be best for him and what companion would be best for him. Elder McBride is a strong kid and I am confident that he will do all he can to stay out.

Our Investigators are doing well, Dale is the same, he is still really struggling to committ. Scott came to church again, and he admitted to us he had not been praying, because he is not sure if there is a God, but we talked about it and shared the BOM scripture where King Lamonia's father (I could be mistaken) prays and asks if there is a God. We committed him to pray about the Book of Mormon and we will see how that goes. We got a really cool new investigator named Mark, a few days before Elder Charleson left we were tracting some apartments and in one of windows there was a dont tread on me flag with a snake on it, I had seen that symbol a lot and neither me or Elder Charleson did not know what it meant, so we thought we would ask the person who's apartment it was when we knocked on his door. Right when he opened the door he immediately said "not interested" and started to close the door, but before he shut it we asked about the flag, then he started talking about it and next thing you know he invites us in, and we were able to teach him about the BOM. We were able to come back and have another lesson. He is doing pretty good, he will be a bit of a longer process, but I think he has a lot of potential.

His hang up is that he is against organized religion, but he is a huge Glenn Beck fan and that has really opened the gate for him. Elder Jorgensen had a CD of Glenn Beck talking about his conversion, I burned it and thought it might come in handy, so I gave Mark that, I really think it is going to help him out.
I am doing great! I am so happy each day on the mission is better than the last, i love to just stop and think about what I am doing and where I am, it makes me so happy, I love this work so much, and i am so grateful for the ability to do it.
Elder Covey
--Fearless Via Faith

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