Monday, March 12, 2012

I could not come up with any clever subject name today, and i did not want to use one i have already used, so this is what you get

Another week has come and gone. Its crazy how fast it goes! cant believe i have been out for almost 7 months, it seems like i just got here, and another crazy thought is that i have been here in Eugene for longer than i was in the MTC, and while i was there i thought the MTC went by fast but compared to these past 3 weeks it was a eternity.
It has been a really good week, we had the baptism of two kids we have been teaching Caden and Connor (10 & 11 years old) They are the grand kids of the ward mission leader, there Dad is inactive and he said that they needed to go to church for 2 months and then they could start meeting with the missionaries, so they have been going to Church and wanting to be baptised for a little while. Teaching them has been awesome, at first they were pretty bummed because they were attached to the last missionaries, but Elder Charleson and I got them over that pretty quick and we became really good friends with them.

I really enjoy teaching younger people because it is a lot easier to gain a real friendship with them. I remember when i was there age how much i looked up to Older kids and how much i appreciated it when when they would be nice to me or be my friends, so i try to do the same for any younger kids that i teach. I have become really close with them especially Connor, he is such a awesome kid, when we are teaching him he will just randomly say something like "...yeah, and you guys are so awesome, i really love you." and when he does that its pretty much the greatest thing ever, I try so hard show everyone i teach how much i care for them and love them and its awesome when someone does the same for you. Teaching younger kids is different you have to keep it from being boring and so we would use a lot of object lessons. The one we did that they really liked was the "faith rocket." The faith rocket is a example of doing something hard or scary, but doing it because God told you that it was going to be okay.

We get a emptied out and unfolded herbal tea bag (so it is a cylinder.) Then you put it on there hand and tell that you are going to light it on fire, "but we promise its not going to burn you, but you have to believe us and stay still.) so you light the top of it on fire and it burns down the bag until it is about 1/8 in. away from there hand and then it floats away. Caden and Connor absolutely loved it, they kinda went crazy, it was great. We have been using the faith rocket a lot lately.

We are teaching this huge guy named Scott, Scott is super awesome guy, and very interesting. He is huge, Like 6'6 probably 300 lbs. his dad played Defensive line for the Raiders and Scott looks like he could have to. He is also kind of a Buddhist, and really into Zen, but he has a open mind and loves having us over. We met him tracting one day, he told us that his wife was a member (very inactive, her records were not here) and that she would probably be interested in talking to us, but it turns out she does not want to meet with that because she feels guilty for the way she is living, so we are trying to start working with her but she is reluctant, but we have been able to work with Scott. He came to Church yesterday and he seemed to really enjoy it.

It would probably take a miracle for him to change his views, but I believe it could happen! anyways he is a cool guy and i thought i would tell you guys about it.

Well that's all i have for this week. I am doing great, being a district leader has been good, all the missionaries in my district are really good missionaries which makes my job easy. I appreciate all the love and support, thanks a ton.
Elder Covey

Fearless Via Faith

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