Monday, October 24, 2011

1 Transfer Down

It has been a pretty crazy week. Last Monday we moved to the zone leaders apartment. We are staying there until the office finds a place for us to live in our area. The zone leaders place is pretty nice, its pretty big and has two bathrooms, so having four of us is not bad. There are even two king size beds, I never thought I would be sleeping on a king on my mission, it is very nice. The zone leaders are awesome Elders. It has been a lot of fun to be with other missionaries.

Last tuesday is when everyone moved for transfers. The transfer spot is right next to our apartment, and everything was running behind and it was too late to take everyone to there apartments so most of the Elders just slept at our apartment. I think there were 18 Elders there that night, it was pretty crazy.

This week was crazy, but it was a incredible week. We had two baptisms of guys i really have gotten close to and come to love. It was awesome to see Taylor being baptized, he is a incredible, faithful, kid and I know the gospel with absolutely change his life in a great way. I got the opportunity to confirm Taylor in sacrament meeting, it was incredible experience, i was kind of nervous before hand, but once i started going it was very natural, I could feel the Lord talking through me, it was a incredible experience. On wednesday Tony asked me if i would baptise him, it was so incredible. Tony is probably the investigator I have grown closest to, he is a super shy guy and he does not really have friends. At first it was really hard to get him to open up, but over time we have become good friends and it has been awesome to see him progress. Baptizing him was a awesome experience, the spirit was so strong. Right after i baptized him he turned over and gave me hug, which was kinda surprising because he is a very reserved. After we got out he was glowing. It was an absolutely incredible experience, I will never forget it.

Something that I have really come to learn, is that if we work our very hardest and do what we know we are suppose to that the Lord will make up the rest. Elder McKenzie and I are very inexperienced, and we are far from perfect teachers, but we always work are very hardest, and we follow the mission rules 100% and because of that we have been blessed with a lot of success. We have had 5 baptisms in 3 weeks. There is no doubt in my mind that we are blessed with this success because we are doing all that we possible can.

Love: Elder Covey
Fealess via Faith

Taylor's Baptism

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