Monday, October 17, 2011

2 Month Anniversary

Its crazy to think that two months ago i entered the MTC. In a way it seems like it was just yesterday, but it also seems like it was a while back, because i feel like i have changed (for the better of course) and learned so much. I can honestly say that these have been the best two months of my life, and i am happier than i have ever been, it hasn't always been easy but it has been incredible and I am so great full for it.

This week was the baptism of Greg and Bob, it was such a incredible and spiritual experience. It was so cool to see these two people that i have grown to love so much, enter the gateway to the path that leads to eternal life. Greg and Bob had not met each other before the baptism but they happened to have the same primary fellowshiper, Bro Willford. So brother Willford was able to baptise them both. Greg and Bob are both amazing guys I am so exited for them, they will both be awesome members. It is so amazing to know that in a year from now, Bob and his wife Claudean will be able to be sealed for time and eternity. I love them so much and i hope and pray that they stay strong so they can be sealed, but i am not to worried about it because they are solid.
We are planning on two baptism this saturday. One for Tony and one for Taylor. Tony is a 19 year old Filipino guy came to America with his Mom and younger sister two years ago. We started teaching Tony a week or two after I got here. Tony is a incredible kid, he absolutely loves the Book of Mormon. He told us how he will read a chapter and then he will think of the good examples (like Nephi) and the bad examples (like Laman and Lenuel) from the story, then he will try to do the good things. He understand the things we teach him, and he knows this is true and what he needs to do. I have come really close to Tony and I am so happy for him. 

Taylor is 12 years old. He is the Nephew of someone who is investigating outside of our area. He had already gone to church twice with his uncle before we started meeting with him. About three weeks ago we had a lesson with Taylor and his Mom. We taught them the restoration, the spirit was so strong and they excepted what we taught and they committed to baptism. After that we had a really hard time getting in touch with them, because his mom has been working 80 hours a week, so a week ago we started just meeting with Taylor. He is a amazing kid, he reads the book of Mormon often, and when he prayed to know if its true, he told us that he got a strong feeling that "no parts of it are fake and that it is true." When we told him about repentance and changing ourselves he said that, that is what he is trying to do and that's a big reason why he wants to be baptized. Taylor came to the baptism on Saturday and church on Sunday. It is so great to see how exited he is to be baptized and to be a part of the church.

This next week is going to be kind of crazy. Right now Elder McKenzie and i are covering two wards, but since we have been so busy the area is splitting and we will only be covering one ward. Which also means that we need a new place to stay. I am really exited for the change it will give us more time for focus and not be so spread out.
Dad has asked that i each week i share something i have learned, so i will try to make that a regular part of the weekly email. I have really learned the power of kneeling prayer. Lately we have been focus on having on having our investigators kneel and pray with us. Sometimes it's not easy to get them to pray with us. Some of them have never prayed vocally before. for example Tony, before we met Tony he had never prayed. We taught about the importance of prayer and got him to start praying each night and when he read from the scriptures. Saturday night we had a kneeling prayer that Tony gave, it was really spiritual. Every time a investigator prays with us, it really builds there testimony.

Everything is going great! thank you so much for all the prayers, I love you all.
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith
Elder McKenzie, Greg Jones, Bob Trimble, Elder Covey

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