Monday, October 3, 2011

The Church is True!

Greg Jones is the man who was going to be baptised on Saturday, and everything was going really good and he was really solid, but he was living with girlfriend, who is a member who is currently being reactivated, and they have both known and plan on moving out. So last Tuesday we told him that it was time and he needed to start staying somewhere else, he knew its what needed to be done and he was fine with it and temporarily moved in with his friend, but his the woman he was living with had a major breakdown because she was worried that he would not have a place to stay and neither of them would have enough money. We decided to push the baptism back so that they can make a plan and to find places for them to live. The baptism will probably be on the 15th. At first i was kinda sad that it was going to be able to happen on the 1st, but its totally fine because he is so solid, he has such a strong testimony. we thought he was going to be busy on Saturday so we did not actually invite him the the priesthood session, but we had talked about it about a week earlier, and he showed up on his own! some members that he knew where great and immediately invited him to sit with them. We talked to him after and it was amazing, i could feel the spirit so strong as he talked about how much he enjoyed it and how it applied to him and answered questions he had. I am very exited for Greg I know he will be strong member and i really get the sense that he will be a great member missionary.
Everything is still going great here, we have a baptism this Saturday for a woman named Leann, she has learning disability so she has been taught by missionaries for a little while. She is still pretty bright and she reads scriptures better than some of our other investigators but she just acts a bit childish. Teaching her has been great and i am very exited for her baptism.
This are better than ever for me, I am really loving the work. Time is flying by it crazy to think that i have been in Oregon for almost a month.
Conference was great! there were so many amazing talks and that was so exiting to hear about the Provo tabernacle temple! that will be so amazing. I hope everything is going well for all you back home, I love you all.
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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