Sunday, April 15, 2012

So much to write about

So lots has happened and there are a ton of things i want to write about, so just a quick warning, this letter might be all over the place. First off, something i forgot to write in last weeks letter, but a week ago from Wednesday, it snowed 8 in. which is unheard of in Eugene, especially in late March. Pres. Young has given permission for Elder McBride and I to go to a church and play basketball in the mornings to help him out, so we were on are way out of the apartment, and when we went out the door we saw all the snow, it was definitely not expected. Then about 15 min later we get a knock on our door, and there is Pres. Young.

He was going to come to the church and play basketball with us but realized that we probably would not go out so he just came to our apartment. He was at our place for a while, and him and Elder McBride talked for quite sometime, this was right in the middle of when Elder McBride was not doing so great. While President was at our apartment he made some calls and shut down all the missionaries in Eugene. He told us that we could come and spend the day at the mission home if we would like, so we went with him. The drive the mission home was kinda crazy. Eugene has no snow plows so all the roads were crazy.
Mission Home

We literally saw 5 different buses that were stuck. The mission home is up hill from where are apartment is so we were not sure if we were going to be able to make it, but Pres. Young is a very good snow driver, so after some close calls we made it to the street of the mission home and right as we pull in the street we see that there is a big tree that fell right across the road, so we had to walk from there. We were at the mission home until about 2 pm. It was great to spend time with Pres. and Sister Young. They are such amazing people I love them so much. Eventually the snow turned into rain and before long we were able to drive again, but it was quite the adventurous day. I think it was really good for Elder McBride it helped get his mind off things.
So that is something i should have included in last weeks later, so there you go. Now we are all caught up. We got our transfer calls on Saturday, and Elder McBride is staying with me, which a week ago we did not think was going to happen, the plan was to send Elder McBride where the weather is not as depressing, but the day President was working on transfers he invited us to the mission home and him and Elder McBride decided what would be best for Elder McBride, and it was kinda crazy because Pres. was talking about transferring us both to somewhere where the weather is better together, that would have been really interesting to keep companions but change areas, but they decided that the best thing was for both of us to stay.

Elder McBride is doing better and better everyday. He is such a amazing kid, I might even venture to say he is my favorite companion (but it would be a close call with Elder Jorgensen.) It is awesome to have a companion that you can really connect with. We have a bunch of phrases, funny saying and inside jokes. He has really progressed a ton, last night he was even talking about how we will be out here for the next two summers. I was so glad to hear him say that because for the first while he was talking like he would be home in a week or so. If Elder McBride stays I know he will be one of the best missionaries in the mission. Please keep praying for him.

So with transfers are area is changing, we were covering the Santa Clara 4th and 1st ward but 1st ward is getting new missionaries and we will not be taking over a small branch in Blue River (a town about 1 hour away.) I will talk more about the blue river branch later, but the split is a very good thing. The only real investigator we have in 1st ward is Dale and that will be really hard to say goodbye to him, but at least i will still be around, and if (and when) he gets baptised i will be able to go to it.

Conference was fantastic, we watched it at the Church. Our investigator Scott came to priesthood session and were not able to talk about it to much but it seemed like he really enjoyed it, we are meeting with him on Wednesday so it will be interesting to see what he thought. Last week in the letter I talked about Mark (guy with flag in the window.) Mark is doing awesome! He loves the Book of Mormon and he says that ever since we have started coming over and he has been reading from the Book of Mormon that he has been a lot happier, more peaceful, and has had a longer fuse. We taught him how that is the spirit working in him, confirming the truth of it all, and he totally knows it true. We left him with a copy of the Joseph Smith movie, it is like the one they play in salt lake but it is only 20 min long and it is made for non-members so it is all about young Joseph and that first vision. He loved it! so much so that he told us " I copied it on my hard drive, so i can watch it over and over again." He is just doing great, he even talked about how we has defending he church online the other day. The only thing holding him back from being ready to be baptised is the word of wisdom, he struggles with a few things, but we will start working on that with him.

So as i mentioned earlier, we are now going to be covering a small branch in a small town about a hour away. The reason why we are is because i talked to Pres. about this idea that I had of sending Elders to branch that has never had missionaries before, and just having them there for 12 weeks. The reasons behind this idea is because i think that members would be more motivate if they had a ultimatum, and tracting places that have never been tracted before would be very effective.

I told Pres. the idea and he like it, so he is giving us the Blue River Branch as kinda a test. We will be up there for two or three days a week, we will be staying at a members summer home, which will be awesome! This not exactly what my idea was because this branch has been covered by missionaries forever, but it is pretty close because the only time missionaries use to go up there is when a member had someone for them to teach. I have been thinking a ton about it and i am really exited. Our plan is to go in there with a unreal amount of enthusiasm and excitement. I have seen the vision of what could happen in this small branch if all the members are on board and ready to share the gospel with their friend, now the challenge will be to get them to catch that same vision, I know if they realize there potential and the potential of the branch, that nothing can stop them. We are spending our first two days up there on Thursday and Friday. I am very exited! Elder McBride and I are determined to do big things up there.

I wish i had time to write more but i am out of time. Other Elders are waiting for us to go grocery shopping, which is always fun at the start of the month because we actually have money! especially compared to last month. My allotment ran out fast, it must have been because Elder Charelson really liked fast food, and cuz we bought a custom stamp and staples that said LDS Missionaries and had our phone number on it, so we can stamp stuff we give out, but know i have a full allotment and we will see how long it last! I love you all, thanks you so much for the prayers, i know they make a difference. Please pray for Elder McBride, our investigators and all the people in blue river. I love you and hope you have a fantastic Easter! The Church is True!
Elder Covey
Fearless via Faith

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