Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another good and busy week

So I am writing my email considerable later than usual today, because this morning at 10 (when P day starts) we went and played football at the High School, and usual we do email first thing so it kinda changed the schedule. Football was a ton of fun. We had 18 Elders there from the two zones here in Eugene and we played on the High School field. My emails might be coming later from now on because we are probably going to be playing football every P day.
It has been a really awesome week. We were here in Eugene for the start of the week, but Thursday after district meeting we went up to Blue River.

District Meeting went well, I feel I am improving at teaching District Meeting. We had a lot of change in our district with transfers and some of the new Elders in the district are much more open to share and comment during district meeting which makes everything a lot easier for me, and just better for the district. So we drove up to blue river after district meeting, and we went directly to the place we were staying. We thought it would be a nice place because it is a members summer home, but it was even nicer that we expected. It is a little cabin and it is right on the blue river. It is definitely too nice for missionaries (I will send pictures next week) and we will only
be there one more week because the members who own it are coming back for the summer. It was crazy for Elder McBride and i to have our own cabin, for exercise in the morning we went and explored the property and we down to the river (not in the river of corse.) The whole time we were saying how we did not want Pres. Young to see it because he would say it was too nice and because there was a TV and Wii (of which we obviously did not use.) and lo and behold on Saturday we get a call from Pres. Young telling us he was driving threw blue river on his way to another area and he wanted to see where we were staying. Elder McBride and I were freeking out, we were afraid we was going to be mad at us because we did not find somewhere else to say, but he was actually okay with it. It nice to see that he trusts us, he asked us if we had used the TV and when we told him no, he did not doubt us. Pres. Young is amazing, i really love him.

Blue River was awesome. Its a super small branch and they have a tiny church building by far the smallest I have ever seen. They say they have about 15-20 people come every week. The ward mission leaders name is Bro Francios (Fran-swa) he is in his mid 30's and his kids are pretty much the only kids in primary. For the two days we were up there we were with Bro F about 80% of the time. He took us around to all the less active's he visits and there are even a couple investigators that he found. We had a lesson with one his name is Brad Kro. It was pretty crazy, his house is totally a pot farm, he had tons of Marijuana growing in his two back rooms.

He claims its all legal and i actually believe him because everyone is so crazy about Medical Marijuana here i Oregon. He is actually a really cool guy, very down to earth and he has a lot of potential. Bro F took us to a lot of other people, it was really great, I am really exited to be there. We were asked to speak for next Sunday. It will be interesting speaking to 20 people but I am looking forward to it. Elder McBride and I did not have a lot of time to tract but we were able to do it for a hour on Saturday, it was pretty cool. Lots of these people have never talked to missionaries before so they are much more inclined to actually talk to us. I am really exited to go back up there this week, now that we have met a lot of the people it will really be time to start getting things going. I have big expectations for Blue River and i am very exited to see them threw. We came back on Saturday, because there was a baptism of a 8 year old from a part member family who we have been working with. Yesterday was Easter and it was great. It was pretty much like any other day, but i tried to make a special effort to think about Christ and the Atonement. I studies about it for personal study and for companionship study we watch the "Lamb of God" DVD.

It was magnificent, I truly do 'Stand all Amazed' I know i will never be able to fully understand the Atonement but i will always be grateful for it. I Trully know that God sent his Son, and I am so grateful for it. The Atonement of Jesus Christ changes life, I have seen it change others lives and it has changed mine. I am here to help people use that atonement in there lives. I really cant put in words my feelings, but all i can say is that I will do all I can to help bring others closer to Christ and help them let the atonement play a role in there life. I know there is no more worthwhile thing i could be doing.

Mark is still doing good, he would not agree to go to Church for yesterday but he committed to go this next Sunday, we have the ride figured out and everything. We will be up in Blue River but it will be okay because he has great fellowshipers in the ward. Elder McBride is doing really good, he seems very normal and he is having to call Pres. and home less and less. I know that he is going to be amazing missionary, he already is. Thanks for the prayers on his behalf i know they have helped. I wish the best for all of you. I love you!

Elder Covey
--Fearless Via Faith

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