Monday, April 16, 2012

Rock'in the BRB (blue river branch)

Hello friends and family, I hope you are all doing very good. As for myself I am doing great, it has been a fantastic week. We decided to stay up in blue river for the start of our P day and go hiking up in Blue River. It was raining pretty good but that did not stop us.

We hiked this really cool trail that goes right next to the McKenzie river. It is so amazing green up here, during that hike it felt like we were in the rain forest. It was super fun hike we left the beaten path explored the wilderness, we also recorded a episode of missionary vs wild, we were just messing around and recorded some stuff with the camera while doing are best Bear Grills voice AKA just talking in any accent that pops into our head cuz we really cant remember how Bear Grills sounds (the videos will be on the memory i card i send to you Mom.) but it was great fun and we got completely soaked in the rain. After that we went back to our cabin cleaned up and left and now we are back in Eugene.

The time spent in blue river went really great this week. We had this awesome lesson taught right on the river bank with one of our investigators named Brad, in the lesson we challenged him to be baptized and he accepted. He will be baptized on May 6th as long as he can quite smoking before then, he told us that "with the Holy spirit helping me out, I will be able to quit." He is supper awesome. He is kind of a crazy guy, but i will explain more about him in another email. We also have some awesome less actives we are working with in Blue River, its pretty cool because lots of these people have not talked to missionaries before. Blue River is so awesome it is almost like serving in a different country, because everyone is different and also because the branch is so small. The Building in Tiny and there are only about 15 people that come each week.

The Primary is just one family and there is not a young mens or young womens. Another thing that seemed foreign country like was we went in the building for the first time on Friday to use the bathroom, and when we went in there were tons of ants, probably thousands, they were all over the place, so we found some bug killer and killed them all and cleaned it all up ( I sent pictures of the experience.) On Sunday Elder McBride and I, blessed the sacrament, gave talks during sacrament meeting, and gave the opening and closing prayers for Sunday school. The talk went okay it was kinda frustrating because i skipped over a ton of it and did not include a lot of the stuff i wanted to, but its all good. I just needed to prepare for it better, now i know for next time.
Things are going good in Eugene also, it was kinda weird not to be here on Sunday, but we were told that Mark did come. It was his first time coming which is a big step for people, we are seeing him tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how he liked it.

Elder McBride is doing great, he gave a amazing talk on Sunday, it totally made up for mind and even took up some extra time cuz mine was short and i was first. He is a great kid, he is having a really hard time but he is a spectacular example of just pushing threw, I am confident that he will be okay and he will be so glad he stayed. Everything is going great up here, I am as happy as can be, I hope the best for all of you and wish you all the best.

Fearless via Faith

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