Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Car, New Bike, New Investigators what more could a I ask for

Something i forgot to mention last week is, I finally broke down and bought a good bike. For my whole mission I have been borrowing and i bought a really old cheap one, and I got a little tired of things breaking so I finally got a new good one. Its a Treck "Earl" its last years model so i got price on it. It is a commuter bike which is a ton better for a missionary than a mountain bike like almost all missionaries have, because we are always on roads or bike paths. Its great, I love the new bike. And we are riding bikes a lot now that we have Blue River because we use all our miles driving there, and the branch boundaries are really big. So when we are in Eugene we bike, which is really nice, I wish i would have biked more back home. 

This week we got a new car. We got the most coveted mission car out there, The 2012 Subaru Legacy, its dark grey and is pretty cool looking. Definitely a lot better than the gold Toyota Carola we had in Medford. It had 81 miles on it when we got it! its crazy they give missionaries such nice cars but I am not complaining.
It has been a really good week. I went on exchanges with a companionship in my district on Tuesday, and our zone leaders are in a three sum, so when we did exchanges one of the zone leaders went with Elder McBride in our area, and i went with Elder Perkins and Elder Tonn, in there area. It was my first time ever being in a 3-sum and it was pretty cool. I love getting to know other missionaries better. We had a lesson planed with Mark for the day of exchanges and we had decided previously that's when we were going to challenge him to baptism, so Elder McBride and Elder Jensen (the Zone Leader) had the lesson with him and they set a baptismal date with him.

 When they told me, I was absolutely on top of the world, I have come so close to Mark, probably closer than any other investigator on my mission. But the next night we got a call from one of his fellowshipers who called him to congratulate him on his date. and when he called him Mark told him that he had felt very pushed the night before and that he was not happy with the whole situation, and he was not ready for any of this. When i heard this my heart dropped i was so scared of it happening and the fellowshiper made it sound like he did not want to meeting with us anymore, but we had a appointment with him for the next day, so we knew that was going to be make or break. After we got the call i could not stop thinking about it, I felt like i so much pain, i really love Mark and I know that he needs the gospel, so much, and that it has already blessed his life in a tremendous way and that it has the potential to completely change it for the better. 

That night i said one of the most sincere prayers of my life for Mark just pleading that it would be okay and he would be able to feel our love and let us keep meeting with him. I continued to pray for him for the whole next day, and the night came and we went to see him and i was really nervous, but we went up and talked to him and we were able to have great conversation. He told us if we were to come the night before, he would have told us to never come back. He expressed how the lesson before he really felt pushed and that he really did not like it. He said that he did not like the other missionary very much, but he that really trust Elder McBride and I, and that he still wanted to investigate and progress. He even said that he does want to get baptized in the future but he is not ready to put a date on it. I know that God heard my prayers and answered it, 

I am confident that everything will work out with Mark. It also was a big testimony builder on how missionaries i called to certain areas because there are people there that only they can touch. Mark has very unique needs and I know that Elder McBride and I are suppose to be here for him. The other missionary that came to the lesson before, is a former Assistant to the President, probably the best missionary in the mission, much better than i will ever be, but for Mark he was not the right one. Mark was definitely not very fond of him. I know i was sent here to Santa Clara to bring Mark close to Christ, and i am very humbled that i have such a responsibility.
Blue river was great, we have some cool investigators and some awesome less actives that we are working with, hopefully next week i will have time to tell you about them. I love you all

Elder Covey
-Fearless Via Faith

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