Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Crazy/Awesome/Crazy Awesome Week!

So i just spent a freakishly long time organizing my pictures and stuff so i have no time to write this email. Which is a shame cuz a ton of stuff has happened this week. I will try to pack in as much as i can in a short amount of time So i really don't know where to begin, so i guess i will start with thanksgiving. It was awesome. In the morning we went to breakfast with the North Bend Elders and Mark and Stephanie then we did some par core! and had time for a little dance party while waiting from Mark and Steph to get back from Walmart, are dance party was to a CD of remixed primary songs! pretty much the only dance songs possible for a missionary, but it was a ton of fun to mess around , after we went to Mark and Stephanies house and played Monopoly, it was tons of fun.

After that we went to the Shelmans and eat with them. After we eat they took us to the coast and we went hiking, it was amazing. The Oregon coast is so beautiful! After that we went and hung out with the North Bend Elders some more. It was a great day.

We got some crazy news on saturday night. The North Bend missionaries are getting transferred cuz we had elders who extended this transfer and they are going home this week and so the mission is short on
Elders. So now Elder Reed and i cover North Bend and Coos Bay! its pretty much just one big city. It is going to be pretty crazy they were teaching a lot of people, and we dont know if we are going to be covering it for 2 weeks or 8 weeks. So thats a stressful yet exiting thing. Okay i wish i had time to write more but i need to get going, i love you all!

Elder Covey

Fearless via Faith

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